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Monday Must Reads: Volume 17

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep over the weekend. After a long week at school, a slightly longer weekend was most welcome. For those not affected by Daylight Saving Time, I hope your weekend was swell as well! Without further ado, here are this week’s Monday Must Reads!

Factoring Graphic Organizers

Mr. Fredericks shares a graphic organizer he created for students to organize their work while factoring. I love the idea of giving students designated work space for different forms.

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System of Inequalities Hidden Treasure Activity

Julia Anker took her lesson on solving systems of inequalities to an entirely new level. Now, I just need to get my hands on a map of our school before this unit rolls around…

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Introducing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Jennifer Williams reflects on a small tweak she made to her lesson that made a huge difference. I’m totally stealing this idea when we get to parallel and perpendicular lines!

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Consecutive Integer Puzzles

Chris Smith shares yet another creative puzzle to get you thinking in his maths newsletter. If you are not signed up to receive his weekly emails, you should take care of that right now! Just send Chris an email at to get subscribed!

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Missing Assignment Competition

Jae Ess encourages students to get missing work turned in by creating a competition between her classes. I wish our online gradebook provided data like this so I could do the same.

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Thankfulness Wreaths

Liz Mastalio encourages thankfulness in her classroom by having students make a beautiful wreath of things they are thankful for. #TeacherGoals

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Make Zero

Kristine Woodford modified Make a Million to create Make a Zero. This looks like fun!

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Constructing Optical Illusions

Stephanie shares a fun end-of-chapter project: create an optical illusion using what you learned about geometric constructions. This almost makes me wish I taught geometry!

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Pi Symbol Search

Already starting to think about Pi Day? Mr. Downin shares a creative idea: hide pi symbols around the school for your students to find!

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Puzzler Puzzles

I love sharing puzzles with my students. So, I was super excited to find the Puzzler twitter feed. Here’s just one example of the awesome puzzles they offer. To find more, just scroll through their “Media Tweets.”

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Desmos Halloween Houses

Wes Overton challenged his students to make Halloween Houses using Desmos. The results were amazing.

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Accountability in Partner Work

Rick offers up a great structure to keep kids accountable when working in partners. Students have to record who did the math and who did the writing. Stealing this in the future!

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Constructing Tangrams

Mr. Hanna combines geometric constructions with one of my favorite math-y manipulatives: tangrams!

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Bursting Balloons Puzzle

Ellie O Gorman shares a fun starter for class that could be adapted for so many different topics! A little google search reveals the original source to be MathSphere.

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Teacher Location Poster

Amber Longhi created an awesome sign for her classroom door to let students know where she could be found. I definitely need one of these!

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Rotating Shapes Manipulatives

Additionally, I love Amber‘s creativity in this stations activity that helps students visualize the 3D shapes that come from rotating 2D figures! Check out the video here.

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Spherical Geometry with Pumpkins

Chris Bolognese combines pumpkins with spherical geometry to blow students’ minds.

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Equation/Expression Clock

Mrs. Richardson challenged her students to create expressions/equations for each number on the clock. Look at the finished product!

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SAT Prep

Prepping students for the SAT? Christopher Klerx offers some sorted SAT questions for you to use with your students.

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Until next time, keep sharing your great ideas!

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Monday 6th of November 2017

So I printed the Make a Million and Make Zero on front and back of cardstock and put them in the dry- erase pockets. All ready for games in my afternoon classes! I think I'll let the kids work in pairs and choose either side. -snapdragon

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