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Naming Polynomials Poster

I created this naming polynomials poster several years ago as a way to both remind my students of the rules for naming polynomials and to decorate my room with my favorite thing – math!

naming polynomials poster

Now that I’m reorganizing things on my blog since changing to my own domain name, I have realized that I have quite a few posters that do not have their own dedicated pages. This means that I don’t have a place to move the file downloads to.

Naming Polynomials Poster

So, I hope you don’t get too confused by these “Blast from the Past” posts. Hopefully this reorganization effort will make things much easier to find on the blog. And, I hope having the downloads hosted on-site instead of through a third-party site will help reduce the number of issues that people have downloading stuff.

Naming Polynomials Poster

This poster is designed to print on 11 x 17 cardstock. If you don’t have access to this size of paper or the ability to print on it, I have also shared a letter-sized version.

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