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Factoring Quadratics Using the Box Method Foldable

I created this factoring quadratics using the box method foldable for my Algebra 2 students to glue in their interactive notebooks. My students (and I) seemed to appreciate the visual nature of this approach.

factoring quadratics using the box method foldable
factoring quadratics using the box method foldable

Alternate Version of Factoring Quadratics Using the Box Method Foldable

I updated this foldable in 2017 when I used it with my Algebra 1 students.

I took some step-by-step pictures while writing out these notes to help explain the process.  

Looking for some factoring practice? Check out this factoring puzzle.


Thursday 6th of April 2017

Do you have your notes on teacher pay teacher?

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

No. All of my resources are posted here on my blog for FREE!


Friday 30th of September 2016

Sarah am overwhelmed by your strategies of teaching. Is there anyway I can get a copy of that book and any othersuggestions. I'd really love to use it to teach my classes.

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 4th of October 2016

Sorry it's a bit overwhelming! If you go to my pinterest page, I do try to put a picture of each page on there.

Teri Ferguson

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Did I miss the log puzzle download?

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Friday 2nd of October 2015

I just found it via a google search. I've long lost the link, though. :(

Teri Ferguson

Thursday 13th of August 2015

What's the paper airplane reference on the composition of functions page?

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Wednesday 9th of September 2015

I so need to blog about this...


Saturday 13th of June 2015

I'll be teaching an Algebra I support class next year - Question: How do you deal with their notebooks getting super thick? Do you have them get a new one at the end of each quarter - or does it not get as thick as I'm anticipating? Thank you for sharing your awesome stuff so freely!!!! You're great.

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Monday 15th of June 2015

I've only ever used a hundred pages tops. I did give my students giant rubber bands to hold their notebooks closed.

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