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Math Valentine Square Puzzle

This math valentine square puzzle combines cheesy mathematical valentines with a square edge-matching puzzle. Can you correctly assemble the pieces to create a 3×3 square? This math-themed Valentine’s Day puzzle was inspired by the classic 9-piece scramble squares puzzles which can be purchased with different themes. The goal of these puzzles is to assemble the …

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Winter Mystery Tangram Puzzle

This winter-themed mystery tangram puzzle combines two favorite math activities into one. This printable puzzle requires students to graph points on the coordinate plane in order to create a winter image which they can recreate using a standard set of 7 tangrams. When I shared my Christmas Mystery Tangram Puzzle, I had several teachers reach …

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Printable One Inch Pentominoes

Wanting to share the joy of pentominoes puzzles with your students? Download a free set of printable one-inch square pentomino pieces to use for your puzzle solving. Overview of Pentominoes Pentominoes is a special name given to the set of polygons formed by connecting five squares along their edges. There are twelve distinct pentominoes that …

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12 Christmas Math Activities and Puzzles

Looking for some Christmas-themed activities? Check out this collection of Christmas math activities and puzzles that I have put together over the years for my math students to tackle. Keep reading to find a variety of Christmas logic puzzles, crafts, and hands-on puzzles involving tangrams or pentominoes. 12 Christmas Math Activities

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Reindeer Pentominoes Puzzle

This reindeer pentominoes puzzle is the second addition to my growing collection of Christmas-themed pentominoes puzzles for the classroom. My students love pentominoes puzzles, and I think your students will love these puzzles as well! Previously, I shared two different versions of a Christmas Tree Pentominoes Puzzle. Pentominoes Reindeer Puzzle The goal of this pentominoes …

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