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e Day Math Activities

Check out these creative e Day Math Activities for celebrating e Day on February 7th with your math students!

e day math activities for February 7th.

What is e Day?

The mathematical constant e is known as Euler’s Number. Since the decimal approximation of e is 2.71828…, mathematicians celebrate e Day on February 7th.

This mathematical holiday is often only celebrated in upper-level math classes at the high school level since students are usually introduced to the constant e for the first time in Algebra 2 or Precalculus courses.

Ideas for Celebrating e Day

e Day Word Search Puzzle

e Day Word Search Puzzle for February 7th .

Challenge your students to find these words related to the constant e in this fun printable word search puzzle for e Day.

e Day Photo Opportunity

students laying on floor of gym in shape of e for "e day".

Coach Lombo suggests celebrating e Day by having students work together to use their bodies to form a large letter e.

e Day Food Celebration

letter e on top of white plate on checkered tablecloth.

If your students want to have a class party for e Day, Amy McNabb suggests having them each bring a food that starts with the letter e.

How fun!

E Brainteaser Puzzle

E Brainteaser Puzzle.

Can you arrange the letters C, E, and L to form a single letter E?