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Pythagorean Theorem Day Celebration Ideas

It will be a few years before we get to celebrate the next Pythagorean Theorem Day in July of 2025. Here are some ideas for celebrating this fun mathematical holiday.

pythagorean theorem day

For many, the Pythagorean theorem (also known as Pythagoras’ theorem) is one of the most memorable formulas from high school math. Most adults would likely be able to rattle off a2 + b2 = c2 if prompted about the Pythagorean theorem even if they no longer know how to use the formula.

What is Pythagorean Theorem Day?

To qualify as a Pythagorean Theorem Day, the digits that make up the date must qualify as a pythagorean triple. The next pythagorean triple date will be on July 24, 2025 since 72 + 242 = 252.

Previously, Pythagorean Theorem Day was celebrated on August 15, 2017 since 82 + 152 = 172 and December 16, 2020 since 122 + 162 = 202.

Sometimes Pythagorean Theorem Day is known as Right Triangle Day.

Ideas for Celebrating Pythagorean Theorem Day

Make it Pythagorean Puzzles

Looking for a challenge? Check out this page of Make It Pythagorean Puzzles. Insert the same digit (in any manner of your choosing) to each side of the triangle to form a right triangle.

Romeo and Juliet Pythagorean Theorem Questions

photograph of balcony with text "romeo and juliet pythagorean theorem questions" 

To give my students a bit more practice with word problems, I typed up these Romeo and Juliet themed pythagorean theorem problems.

Pythagorean Triple Posters

I created this set of free printable pythagorean triple posters to help decorate my new classroom.

Pythagorean Triples Interactive Notebook Page

I decided my students needed a Pythagorean Triples reference page in their notebooks to go along with the posters I have hanging in my classroom.  

Pythagorean Theorem Poster

I want to share a pythagorean theorem poster I created several years ago for my classroom when I was teaching trigonometry.

Pythagorean Theorem Notes

visual proof of pythagorean theorem with text: "pythagorean theorem notes"

These are the pythagorean theorem notes I used with my trigonometry students in our beginning of year geometry review. We glued these notes in our trigonometry interactive notebooks.