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Pi Day Word Search

Celebrate Pi Day on March 14th with this fun Pi Day Word Search for your middle school or high school math students.

pi day word search printable pdf.

What is Pi Day?

Pi Day is mathematical holiday that is typically celebrated on March 14th since the decimal approximation of pi begins with 3.14 which corresponds to the 3rd month and 14th day of the month.

Fun Fact – March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. I always think that is such a fun coincidence.

If you want a full guide to celebrating Pi Day with your math students, I suggest checking out my Pi Day Celebration Guide. It is full of links to pi day activities, pi day puzzles, and much more pi-related fun such as the Pi Symbol Pentominoes Puzzle, 3-1-4 Pi Day Number Challenge, or the Pi Day Square Puzzle.

Pi Day Word Search Puzzle

To help you celebrate Pi Day with your math students, I have created a fun Pi Day Word Search. Find each of the words listed below the grid by searching through the letters in the square grid.

pi day word search puzzle pdf.

The following words related to the constant pi are hidden in the word search puzzle: approximation, irrational, symbol, diameter, infinite, circumference, circle, ratio, Einstein, Pi Day, radius, and decimal.

Free Download of Pi Day Word Search Puzzle

This Pi Day word search puzzle is available to download in convenient PDF format.

Pi Day Word Search (PDF) (1340 downloads )

Puzzle Solutions

I intentionally do not make answers to the printable math puzzles I share on my blog available online because I strive to provide learning experiences for my students that are non-google-able. I would like other teachers to be able to use these puzzles in their classrooms as well without the solutions being easily found on the Internet.

However, I do recognize that us teachers are busy people and sometimes need to quickly reference an answer key to see if a student has solved a puzzle correctly or to see if they have interpreted the instructions properly.

If you are a teacher who is using these puzzles in your classroom, please send me an email at with information about what you teach and where you teach. I will be happy to forward an answer key to you.