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32 Creative Pi Day Ideas for Math Class

You may be thinking to yourself that I’ve lost it. It’s May. Why in the world is Sarah posting about Pi Day?!? Well, this post has been on my to do list since late February. And, then you guys all know what happened in March. The world went crazy.

The last day I saw my students in person was March 12th. And, Pi Day was the last thing on my mind. Instead, we spent the day speculating about this COVID-19 virus that the news couldn’t stop talking about. We talked about upcoming travel plans that may or may not happen. We discussed when we might see each other again if school did have to shut down. I think a lot of us were kinda excited about the prospect of a two or three week Spring Break.

Oh how wrong we were. We didn’t know just how much the world was going to change. I remember realizing how it was the least celebrated Pi Day I had ever seen in all my years of being on Twitter. All this time of self-isolation has given me time to go back through my to-blog-about list and make some stuff actually happen.

I’ve already decided that if I get to, I’m going to go all out for Pi Day 2021. So I’m publishing this post now so it’s ready to go for next March. Much like my Math-y Christmas Ideas post, this post is a compilation of Pi Day ideas that have already been shared in various volumes of Monday Must Reads. I’ve put all the Pi Day posts together in one spot so you can see all your options for celebrating this mathematical holiday.

So, if you’re a devout follower of this blog and read each and every post, there’s nothing new here. Sorry. But, there’s probably a post or two that you’ve forgotten. I know I had, and I wrote every single one of these blurbs!


Pi Day Ideas for Math Class

I am a fan of this calculus-based pi day graphing project that Alisa shared.

RupeleMx challenged his students in Mexico with the Square Pi Puzzle. I love how he also captured the other figures they ended up creating.

Mrs. Richardson shares a great pi day idea – a poster contest.

Vicki Biarnesen shares a yummy non-pie treat for Pi Day.

Vincent Pantaloni shares a fun fact to share on Pi Day.

Megan Geltner inspires with a Pi Passport idea. Perfect if you’re already thinking about how to celebrate the next Pi Day!

Becca Phillips shares an awesome t-shirt idea from her daughter. Sadly, 2020 doesn’t appear until 7000 digits into pi…

Yet another pi day idea from PGCPS Secondary Math to file away for next year! Great idea for decorating with some pi day coloring sheets.

Cheryl Tavernelli shares a winning entry in a Pi Day Character Contest. What would your students come up with?

And, check out this awesome photo day opportunity for Pi Day!

I must share this mathematician dress-up contest idea from Renita Bushell for Pi Day. Can you guess the mathematicians?

Mary Platt shares a great water-color based pi day lesson.

I love Becky Roloff‘s idea of having a coloring contest.

I love this finding pi activity from Annette Williams.

I love Ms. R‘s idea of making pi necklaces.

Laura Frcka shares a new-to-me idea: pin the radius on the circle.

I’m super inspired by how Priscilla arranged her desks for Pi Day!

Sabrina Grasso shares a brilliant use for a hula hoop while celebrating Pi Day.

I’ve seen skylines made of pi before, but Sarah Gyimoty takes it a step further with the first 180 digits of pi!

I am amazed at Lisa Rode‘s creativity in creating these pi related trophies.

Already thinking about next year’s celebration? Make it a school wide celebration with this idea from Pep Anton Vieta.

I also love this colorful pi display from Jae Ess!

Check out this awesome pi themed WODB from Zach Armstrong.

Texas Math Teacher shares a fun twist on Tenzi (one of my favorite dice games ever!) involving dice and pi.

Check out this awesome Pi Day Dingbats challenge from Ms. O’Donnell Maths.

Jacqueline Tishler shares the idea of engaging students with a kahoot on pi facts.

Mariel Mates wants to encourage crafty math teachers to knit or crochet their own scarf that has rows of colors corresponding to the digits of pi.

Here’s a Pi Sudoku Puzzle shared by Cliff Pickover.

Denis Sheeran shares another idea for celebrating that involves a circle drawing contest.  Check out all the details here.

Pi Day

Wendy Sargent shares some ideas for celebrating.

Mr. Downin shares a creative idea: hide pi symbols around the school for your students to find!

Elizabeth Raskin engaged her students in a very visual discovery of pi. I’ve seen a lot of pi-related activities, but this one was completely new to me.

When the world returns to normal again, I think I want to try to do a Pi Day Bake Off Competition. Thanks to Westie’s Workshop for the idea!

Have other great ideas? Leave them in the comments!