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Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Pi Day

Looking for fun and creative pi day activities? Check out this comprehensive list of free ideas and activities for celebrating pi day from those who best know how to celebrate this most mathematical of holidays – math teachers!

ultimate guide to celebrating pi day activities

Pi Day Decorations

Pi Clock Poster

pi clock poster

Add a bit of Pi Day fun to your classroom with this free printable pi clock poster.

Pi Symbol Decoration from Coloring Pages

pi symbol made from pi day coloring pages

Doing a coloring sheet for Pi Day? Turn it into a fun pi symbol for a creative decoration!

Color-Coded Digits of Pi Posters

digits of pi poster display

Help students understand the digits of pi with this colorful poster display from Jae Ess.

Pi Symbol Desk Arrangement

classroom desks arranged into pi symbols for pi day

I’m super inspired by how Priscilla arranged her desks for Pi Day!

Pi Symbol Display

pi day tshirt and pi symbol display

Check out this Pi Day shirt and giant pi symbol made from pi symbols.

Puzzles for Pi Day

3-1-4 Pi Day Number Challenge

pi day number challenge

Can you create expressions for the numbers from 1-30 using the digits 3, 1, and 4? This pi day number challenge is a fun twist on the classic four fours challenge.

Pi Symbol Pentominoes Puzzle

pi day pentominoes puzzle

Can you use a standard set of twelve pentominoes to form a pi symbol?

Square Pi Puzzle

Square Pi Puzzle for Pi Day.

This Square Pi Puzzle is two challenges in one. Use all five pieces to build a square. Done? Now, use all five pieces to create a pi symbol.

Pi Edge Matching Puzzle

pi puzzle for pi day

This pi puzzle is the perfect quick activity to add to any Pi Day Celebration to instantly make it more fun and festive! Can you arrange the 9 squares into a 3×3 grid so that the puzzle pieces match along each edge?

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

pi day wodb task

Your students will enjoy this pi-themed WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong?) task from Zach Armstrong.

Pi Day Dingbats Puzzles

pi day dingbats puzzles

These Pi Day Dingbats challenges look so fun! How many will your students be able to figure out?

Pi Sudoku Puzzle

Here’s a Pi Sudoku Puzzle shared by Cliff Pickover.

Pi Day Contests

Digits of Pi Memorization Contest

digits of pi memorization contest trophy

Challenge students to see how many digits of pi they can recite from memory. Their dedication to memorizing digits might surprise you!

Pi Ku Poetry Writing Contest

pi ku poetry

One of my favorite activities to do with my math students on Pi Day is to write pi-ku poems. Instead of the traditional haiku’s 5-7-5 syllable structure, we follow a 3-1-4 syllable structure.

I love reading what students come up with!

Pi Day Character Contest

pi day character design contest

What would your students come up with?

Mathematician Dress Up Contest

mathematician dress up contest for pi day

Given that Albert Einstein’s birthday was March 14th, Pi Day seems a fitting day for a mathematician dress up contest!

Pi Birthday Search

pi birthday search activity

This pi birthday search contest is entirely luck based, but students will love discovering whose birthday appears the latest in the digits of pi.

Mrs. Richardson shares a great pi day idea – a poster contest.

I love Becky Roloff‘s idea of having a coloring contest.

I am amazed at Lisa Rode‘s creativity in creating these pi related trophies.

Denis Sheeran shares another idea for celebrating that involves a circle drawing contest.  Check out all the details here.

Tweet about pi day circle drawing contest.

When the world returns to normal again, I think I want to try to do a Pi Day Bake Off Competition. Thanks to Westie’s Workshop for the idea!

Pi Day Projects

I am a fan of this calculus-based pi day graphing project that Alisa shared.

Mary Platt shares a great water-color based pi day lesson.

I’ve seen skylines made of pi before, but Sarah Gyimoty takes it a step further with the first 180 digits of pi!

Yummy Pi Day Treats

Vicki Biarnesen shares a yummy non-pie treat for Pi Day.

Exploring Pi with Pancakes

exploring pi with pancakes

Looking for a tasty way to introduce pi? Check out this pi and pancakes lesson from Lisa Rode.

Pi Day Facts

Vincent Pantaloni shares a fun fact to share on Pi Day.

School-Wide Pi Day Celebration Ideas

Pi Day Passport

pi day passport

Many of the ideas from this page could be combined to create your own custom Pi Day passport for students to complete.

Digits of Pi Photograph

pi day photograph

Get the entire school involved to make a photograph involving the digits of pi.

Already thinking about next year’s celebration? Make it a school wide celebration with this idea from Pep Anton Vieta.

Jacqueline Tishler shares the idea of engaging students with a kahoot on pi facts.

Mr. Downin shares a creative idea: hide pi symbols around the school for your students to find!

Exploring the Mathematics of Pi

Seeing Pi Activity

seeing pi activity with tennis balls

What does tennis have to do with Pi Day? In this Seeing Pi Activity, students will make a connection between a stack of tennis balls and the number pi.

Tossing Pi Activity

tossing pi activity with toothpicks

Students will be amazed when they discover that tossing toothpicks can be used to generate an approximation of pi!

Cutting Pi Activity

cutting pi discovery activity

This cutting pi activity is a great discovery activity to help students understand the meaning of pi!

I love this finding pi activity from Annette Williams.

Sabrina Grasso shares a brilliant use for a hula hoop while celebrating Pi Day.

Elizabeth Raskin engaged her students in a very visual discovery of pi. I’ve seen a lot of pi-related activities, but this one was completely new to me.

Pi-Themed Arts and Crafts

Pi Day Shirt Design

pi day t-shirt idea

Check out this creative pi day t-shirt idea!

I love Ms. R‘s idea of making pi necklaces.

Mariel Mates wants to encourage crafty math teachers to knit or crochet their own scarf that has rows of colors corresponding to the digits of pi.

Pi Day Games

Pi Day Dice Challenge

pi day dice challenge activity

How long will it take your students to roll the digits of pi using dice? Students will love this fun game!

Laura Frcka shares a new-to-me idea: pin the radius on the circle.

Circle Tic Tac Toe

blank circle tic tac toe grid

Since the constant pi is derived from circles, perhaps a game of circle tic tac toe might be fun?!?

Even More Pi Day Ideas

Pi Ku Poetry

pi ku poetry

Put a fun pi day twist on the traditional haiku poem. Instead of having lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables, write a poem with lines of 3, 1, and 4 syllables.

Pi Day Videos

pi day videos

Check out this list of videos to show on Pi Day.

Pi Day Songs

pi day songs

Add some music to your pi day celebration with this list of pi day songs.

Have other great ideas? Leave them in the comments!