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Pi Clock Poster

Today’s poster is another idea stolen from Annie Forest that I can’t wait to put up in my classroom!

She posted about decorating her classroom for Pi Day, and I decided I needed to steal one of her ideas to decorate my classroom EVERY day.

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Here’s Annie’s Pi Day Clock:

Pi Clock Poster to Decorate Math Classroom for Pi Day

Here’s my version of the Pi Clock Poster.

Pi Clock Poster to Decorate Math Classroom for Pi Day
Pi Clock Poster to Decorate Math Classroom for Pi Day

Free Download of Pi Clock Poster

Pi Clock Poster (PDF) (1401 downloads )

Pi Clock Poster (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (949 downloads )

Want more posters to decorate your math classroom? Check out my posters page!


Thursday 8th of August 2019

When I first saw this, my immediate thought was "But it's in the wrong place!!" LOL I teach trig and precal, so to me pi goes over next to the nine. I wasn't thinking the equating it to "just over three". I think for my classroom, having Pi pointing to a location on the numberline would be better. I need my kids to think pi is over by the nine on a clock. :)


Saturday 1st of August 2015

Annie my mide schoolers also struggle with what pi means.

I try to get all excited and tingly about the hidden numbers in every circle we see -- pi -- but that doesn't always work!

If you keep your pi where it is, would you also consider including 2pi and 3pi?

This might help along the way of introducing and relating expressions to the real world.

And my 6th graders will NOT be introduced to the unit circle this year.

You guys at helping me figure out what to do with MY classroom clock.


Annie Forest

Saturday 1st of August 2015

Oh, this is so interesting hearing from Frank and Bethany about where pi should go! I didn't think of that! My reasoning for putting it just past the 3: My middle schoolers struggle with number sense. Many have the misconception that a "long" number is a "big" number. We did a number talk where we put pi on the number line and I wanted to reinforce it in my classroom. I want my students to remember that pi can be put on the number line and it is just a little larger than 3. :)


Saturday 1st of August 2015

Lol! This wasn't what I was expecting when I saw Pi Clock sign but it works!!


Saturday 1st of August 2015

I agree with Frank. I would definitely point the pi to the 9. Maybe I wouldn't answer any questions as to why and hope my Algebra 2 students figure it out when we start discussing the unit circle!

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