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Tongue Twister Linear Regression Activity

I created this tongue twister linear regression activity for my Algebra 2 students to use while collecting tongue twister data in their small groups.

Students work in groups to collect data regarding the amount of time it takes various numbers of people to recite a tongue twister. Groups time how long one person, two people, three people, etc take to say each different tongue twister.

Tongue Twister Linear Regression Activity

This can make some nice linear data, and discussing the meaning of the slope of each regression line can lead to an interesting discussion!

Students can then use their regression equations to determine how long it would take the entire class or the entire school or even the entire town to recite the tongue twister.

Free Download of Tongue Twister Linear Regression Activity

Tongue Twister Data Collection (PDF) (893 downloads)

Tongue Twister Data Collection (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (392 downloads)

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