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Getting to Know You Dice Activity

A couple of years ago, I included a really simple getting to know you dice activity in my first day of school activities. It’s super easy to implement, and it makes a great time filler activity if you have a few odd minutes during that first week of school. All you need is a die. I used a jumbo foam die to make it a bit more fun.

getting to know you dice activity

Pick a student to start. That student tosses the die and announces the number to the class. They must now share that many facts about themselves with the class. If a student rolls a 1, they only have to share 1 fact with the class.

Getting to Know You Dice Activity

If they roll a 6, well there are sure to be groans as that student struggles to think of 6 facts about themselves to share with the class.

Often, I will actually go first to model the activity for my students. The first time I did this with students, I rolled a 6! I had already done another activity where I told them some basic facts about me, so it was quite interesting to come up with 6 more facts.

To make this activity more interesting, I usually set some basic rules about the type of facts that students are not allowed to share.

For example, sharing your name and grade don’t count. This activity is always a great conversation starter, and I love when students end up asking other students questions about themselves as a result of them sharing their facts.

I first experienced this getting to know you dice activity when my husband and I were taking childbirth classes. We actually did this on the first night as a way to try and get to know the other couples in our class.