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Save Fred Activity for the First Week of School

I tried this Save Fred activity with my chemistry students during the first week of school. I had almost all of these students for Algebra 1, so I needed to find a few new beginning of school activities that they had not seen before. Save Fred Activity Each group of students needs a plastic cup, …

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Lonesome Llama Activity

Lonesome Llama is an excellent first day of school activity/first week of school activity to teach students how to effectively communicate in a group. The activity is from IMP (Interactive Mathematics Program) Groups of students are provided with a deck of cards. Each card features a different llama’s house. Students must work together to figure …

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Survival in the Desert Groupwork Task

Survival in the Desert is a cooperative groupwork task. I have used this task in the past as a first week of school activity. I learned about this activity from reading Kagan’s Cooperative Learning book. I’ve seen the same activity featured in other books as well since then. Today I want to share some free downloads I created …

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