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Quadratic Formula Foldable

I’ve found that students really struggle when setting up quadratic formula problems. I created this quadratic formula foldable to help students learn to properly set up their working.

colored paper with text "quadratic formula foldable"

Students are given a quadratic formula template to help organize their work.

Quadratic Formula Foldable

I inserted the template into a quick booklet foldable with two example quadratic formula problems for my students to work through.  

Front of Foldable

Quadratic Formula Foldable

Inside of Foldable

Quadratic Formula Foldable

My students seemed to understand where the a, b, and c came from much easier with this template.  Of course, they freaked out a bit when the imaginary numbers came into play…

quadratic formula printed on post-it note.


Looking for more quadratic formula teaching resources? This activity is featured in my collection of Fun Quadratic Formula Activities. You’ll find 12 more creative ideas for teaching the quadratic formula to your high school math students.