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Monday Must Reads: Volume 81

It’s Monday yet again, so that means it’s time for a new volume of Monday Must Reads. This is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by other (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I hope you’ll join me today, and it is my goal that you find at least one inspiring idea to use in your own classroom!

I meant to put this volume out last Monday, but it didn’t happen. I haven’t been feeling well for over a month now. After two trips to the doctor in one week, I think I’m now hopefully on the mend. Let’s just say that I’ve learned my lesson, and I will never ignore my seasonal allergies ever again. Hoping they will just go away doesn’t work and leads to so many other issues. I’ve got lots of blog posts in my drafts folder, so I’m hoping I will have enough energy to send some of them out into the world this week!

Four Color Theorem Chickens

Sarah combined the Four Color Theorem with art to create some lovely mathematical chickens. What could your students create?

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Parabolas in the Real World

Robyn Glinnsman shares a great example of parabolas in the real world.

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Simplifying Radicals with Polypad

Mark Kaercher blew my mind last week with this visual for simplifying radicals.

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Rational Exponents WODB

Also from Mark – a lovely WODB involving fractional exponents.

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Escape the Tomb Systems of Equations Lesson

Samantha Lindstrom inspires with an engaging “Escape the Tomb” lesson for introducing/reviewing systems of equations. When I asked for more details, she shared that it is actually an NCTM Illuminations lesson. How cool! Samantha suggests using slinkies for the springs.

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Mathematical Career Posters

These mathematical career posters from CLSG Maths are just lovely.

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Complex Numbers KenKen Puzzle

Bowen Kerins shares a KenKen puzzle with complex numbers. How fun!

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Box Method GIF

Esther Brunat shares a lovely GIF for the box method. I also love her perspective of maybe it’s not a math issue but a visual organization issue! Be sure to click through to the original tweet to see the GIF in action!

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Quadratic Formula Worksheet

Mr. Taylor highlights a lovely worksheet for practicing the quadratic formula. It is available to download for free on TES from Andy Lutwyche. The scaffolding on this worksheet is so good.

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Inspiring Pattern Block Play

Hana Murray makes me want to just drop everything and play with pattern blocks.

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Dot to Dot with Exponents

Miss Konstantine shares some lovely dot to dot tasks for exponents. It turns out she has an entire page of free dot to dots for different math topics on her blog!

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Classroom Entry Passwords

Tracey Adams shares a great set of passwords from Mike Butterbach that students must use to enter his classroom. Inspiring!

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History of Pascal’s Triangle

Chris Bolognese inspires with a Desmos lesson he co-created with Emily Dennett to introduce students to the history of Pascal’s Triangle.

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Exponential Decay Dream Car Project

I love Mr. Kretsch’s idea of having students use exponential decay to determine the value of their dream cars. I have some students who would definitely get into this project!

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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