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Semi-Log Graph Paper

Download several versions of semi-log graph paper in a convenient pdf format.

semi-log graph paper pdf.

​I have to admit that I was not familiar with semi-log plots before teaching AP Precalculus this year. I soon found myself needing to create my own custom graph paper to have my students produce semi-log plots, so I thought I should share this semi-log paper download with other teachers who might have a need for this specialized type of graph paper. 

I had a lot of fun using this semi-log graph paper to create my Semi-Log Plot Mystery Graphing Picture Activity.

partially completed semi-log plot graphing activity for ap precalculus.

Different Versions of Semi-Log Graph Paper

I created 5 different versions of this semi-log graph paper for you to choose from.

Semi Log Graph Paper PDF Version 1
Semi Log Graph Paper PDF Version 2
Semi Log Graph Paper PDf Version 3
Semi Log Graph Paper PDF Version 4
Semi Log Graph Paper PDF Version 5

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