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Printable Graph Paper (1 Inch)

Download this printable graph paper with 1 inch squares. This graph paper is available to download for free as a printable PDF template. It is designed to print on US letter sized paper. 

printable graph paper 1 inch pdf.

Why I Created this Printable Graph Paper 

As a high school math teacher, I often find myself creating various types of free printable graph paper for my students to use for various projects and activities. I have decided to start uploading these as pdf files so other teachers can use them in their classroom as well. 

printable graph paper one inch.

Other Ideas for Using One Inch Graph Paper 

The large square sizes on this 1 inch grid paper makes it especially suitable for elementary math topics such as creating bar graphs. Students can also use this one inch graph paper template to create maps for playing various games. It’s also the perfect size for designing basic pixel art. 

List of Graph Paper Types 

Inch Grid Sizes 

Metric Grid Sizes 

Looking for other graph paper grid sizes? Please reach out via email. I am always open to creating new free printable graph paper types to help teachers out! 

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