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Finding Slope from a Table or Set of Points Notes

I created these finding slope from a table or set of points notes for my Algebra 1 students to complete in their interactive notebooks.

Finding Slope from a Table or Set of Points Notes

We used our vertical number lines to help us find the delta y and delta x values.

Finding Slope from a Table or Set of Points Notes

You can find the slope concept map included in the picture above on my blog as well!

I always start teaching slope with the “scary textbook definition.”  Students are freaking out.  They think they’re never going to understand this new topic.  Then, we slowly break apart the fancy definition into something that is much less scary and more familiar.  Eventually, they realize that slope really isn’t that bad at all.

I did find a way to incorporate a foldable into this lesson, though.  My students used our new handy dandy foldable vertical number lines to find the differences in the x values and the y values.  

We only do slope as delta y/delta x or change in y over change in x.  The slope formula (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) has been banned in my classroom for two years now.  And, it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  When my students have to think about what’s happening on the number line, they are much more accurate and careful than when they try to remember integer rules that they never really learned in the first place.  

I’m also a total convert to vertical number lines now.  They’re awesome.  Of course I still just have a horizontal number line in my classroom.  Next year, though, I will have a vertical number line on the wall, too.  It’s a must-have now.  

I love that students can fold out the number line when they need it.  Fold it back when they don’t. I wrote more about the vertical number line here.  

These notes were a great improvement over my notes from a few years ago.

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