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Absolute Value Foldable

After exploring patterns in absolute value graphs, we created an absolute value foldable to glue in our interactive notebooks.

I had students take a colored sheet of paper, fold it in half hamburger style, cut it in half, and give give half to their neighbor.  We used colored markers to write out the general form of an absolute value equation.  Then, we took our scissors and cut the flaps.

Under each flap, we recorded our observations about the impact of each variable on the graph.

Absolute Value Foldable

We also took notes over what to do if a, h, or k was missing.  This wasn’t originally in my plans, but some of my students became frustrated that their notes didn’t tell them what to do if one of the variables was missing.  

I told them that instead of getting mad at me for leaving something out of their notes that we should just add it to our notes!

Absolute Value Foldable

Next, we did lots of practice using Desmos.  Students would predict the slopes, vertex, and orientation.  Then, I would display the graph on Desmos.  

Students were always eager to ask what would happen if we did x, y, or z.  I love how Desmos let us see instantly what happened when we made tiny changes!

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