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Add Em Up Activity for Non-Standard Operations

Non-standard operations are one of the skills that are in the new Oklahoma standards that weren’t in the old standards. So, I need to work on building up activities for this topic.

add em up activity for non-standard operations

I decided to create an Add Em Up activity to give my students practice with these weird looking problems.

Students are given four problems. When all four problems are complete, the sum of the four answers should match the number in the center.

This allows students to check their work. If their sum doesn’t match, it’s time for them to start rechecking their work!

You can give all four problems to one student, or you can give the set of four problems to a group and have each student do one of the problems. Either way works!

I prefer to have each student do all four problems myself.

Here are the two problem sets I created: 

Add Em Up Activity for Non Standard Operations
Add Em Up Activity for Non Standard Operations