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Logarithm Bingo Activity

After playing log war, a student asked if there was any way we could play logarithm bingo.  Umm…I’m not sure if log bingo exists.  Let me do some checking.  Sure enough, log bingo exists.

I found a version called MATHO on  (Apparently, this link is now broken, so I have uploaded the MATHO Bingo file below with my other files.)  I immediately fell in love with it when I realized that it required students to create their own bingo boards.  

logarithm bingo log bingo activity algebra math

Filling out the MATHO board took longer than I realized.  I realize I could have laminated these and used them for years to come.  But, I decided that there would be less cheating if students actually wrote on the boards with pen/pencil instead of dry erase marker.  The hardest columns for my students to fill out were the M and A columns.

logarithm bingo log bingo activity algebra math

I was provided with a call sheet that has a logarithm question for every possible number students could put on their MATHO boards.  If you scroll back up, you will see a bag full of slips of paper.  Each one of these slips represents one of the possible questions on this call sheet.  I didn’t want there to be any accusation of my picking or not picking certain questions because I wanted a certain person to win.  I would draw a slip and write the problem on the Smart Board for my students to solve on their mini dry erase boards.

logarithm bingo log bingo activity algebra math

My students had fun with this as well!  The game took a lot longer to play than I anticipated.  I had planned on getting through two rounds.  But, we only made it through one.  I hadn’t picked up any bingo prizes, so I figured I would offer to buy the winner their favorite candy bar.  I didn’t even have to do this though.  Before I could mention my intended prize, someone goes, “Can we get a sticker if we win?”  Sure!  I’ll gladly give you a sticker if you win.

That was 2nd hour.  When my 5th hour came in, I was told, “You better still have some of those stickers like so-and-so had.  I’m going to win so I can get a sticker just like him.”  What can I say?  My students love stickers.

We did logarithm speed dating on the same day we played log bingo.

Want to create your own bingo activity for a different math topic? Check out my blank bingo board printable templates.

Free Download of Logarithm Bingo Activity

Logarithm Bingo MATHO (PDF) (2211 downloads )


Friday 21st of May 2021

Thanks for this; it helped my students prepare for the basics of logs! Also, I believe H29 is incorrect.

Sarah Carter

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I got the activity from someone else, but after several people have pointed out the error I am putting it on my summer to do list to make a corrected version. Thank you!

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