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Monday Must Reads: Volume 88

Well, it is my last Monday of summer. My kiddo started back to daycare today, so I was able to spend some time in my classroom for the first time since May. Though it was nice to get rid of the the pile of school stuff that has been slowly growing in my guest room, being in my classroom made me realize just how much I need to do before school starts.

Since it’s Monday, that means it’s time for a new volume of Monday Must Reads! This is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I hope you find at least one idea to use in your own classroom.

Circles Classroom Decor

How fun does this circles unit from Taylor Harmon look?!?

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Pi Navigation Challenge

This Pi Navigation Challenge from Mr Davis looks like a ton of fun!

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Christmas Themed Math Symbol Art

I also like this Christmas-themed activity from Mr Davis where students must create pictures using only mathematical symbols. This could easily be adapted for any time of the year!

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Using Dice to Estimate What Percent of a Zebra is Black

One last activity from Mr Davis – using dice to estimate what percent of a zebra is black. So creative!

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Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Task

Chris Smith shares a fun looking mean, median, mode, and range task.

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Desmos Architecture Project

I really like the looks of this Desmos Architecture project from Courtney Braithwaite. I like the idea of having my students do either their house or a building from our town!

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Why I Teach Classroom Decor

I really like how Daniel Brown has created a “Why I Teach” section in his classroom.

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Graph Paper Wall

I love this graph paper wall in Parker Rowland‘s classroom. So many cool opportunities for posing questions!

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DIY Truchet Tiles

Mark Kaercher shares an easy way to make truchet tiles for your classroom with a cardboard box. Brilliant!

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A Fun Twist on the Cup Stacking Challenge

Coach Snyder Laws shares a fun twist on the cup stacking challenge. This could be fun for the first week of school!

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Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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