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Monday Must Reads: Volume 87

The remaining Mondays of summer are dwindling! Before I know it, I will be back in my classroom with students. I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about thinking about school things once again. But before I get out the laminator, I decided I should put together a new volume of Monday Must Reads. This is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter.

School Logo Scale Project

I’ve seen lots of scale copy projects in my years of teaching, but Joey Grabowski‘s idea of enlarging a school logo is a new one to me. Very creative!

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Number Fact

David Butler shares a fun number fact.

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Building Names with Tangrams

Planning on using Mathigon’s Polypad with your students this year? Erick Lee recommends having students build their name with tangrams as an introductory activity. This looks fun!

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How Mathematicians Act Posters

Kim Charlton shares some free posters that describe how mathematicians act. This would make a great bulletin board for your classroom this year!

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Exponentials and Radicals Tasks

Dan Draper shares some lovely tasks involving exponents and radicals.

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Cricut Dodecahedron

Becky Warren continues to amaze me with all the beautiful, mathematical art she is able to create with her Cricut. Check out her entire twitter feed for more beautiful math(s) art.

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Using Desmos + Cricut to Decorate Phone Case

Mark Kaercher works on further convincing me that I need to own a Cricut by sharing the Lissajous curve he created in Desmos and printed with the Cricut for his phone case. Cool!

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Google Form Headers for Assessments

Anna Vance inspires with custom-designed headers for her assessments in Google Forms.

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Hexahexaflexagon Template

Dave Richeson shares a beautiful hexaflexagon template.

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Desmos Self Portrait Activity

Check out this Desmos Self-Portrait activity from Leigh Anne Emberg!

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Math Snacks

The UK Association of Teachers of Mathematics has a collection of free Maths Snacks videos. These 2-minute videos are intended to act as class starter activities or discussion starters.

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Estimating e using a Checkerboard

John Allen Paulos shares a creative way to estimate the value of e using a checkerboard.

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Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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