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Monday Must Reads: Volume 20

Happy Monday! Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog since last Monday’s Must Reads post because I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to rest during our 9 days off for Thanksgiving. Today was our first day back, and I’m excited about what’s ahead for all of my classes as we sprint towards Christmas Break.

I hope you enjoy this week’s “Must Reads.”

Shade a Third of the Triangle

I’m a huge fan of Quarter the Cross, so I’m super excited about this new puzzle: how many ways can you shade a third of the large triangle? Thanks to Michael Jacobs for sharing!

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Linear Open Middle Puzzle

John Rowe offers up a new Open Middle Problem that will be a perfect addition to your unit on linear equations. Keep procrastinating, John. We all appreciate the fruit of your procrastination!

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Displaying Class Norms

I love Sarah DiMaria‘s approach to displaying the norms created by each class. The idea of having each student sign the norms is brilliant.

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Life Sized Prime Climb with Teams

I had my first experience with Prime Climb at a meeting of the Tulsa Math Teachers’ Circle. David Butler shares a simple but brilliant tweak to make playing a life-sized game of Prime Climb even easier: colored sashes to represent teams.

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Doritos Proofs

Charlotte Anne combines food with proof. Now, I want to do my own research. Are Doritos consistently sized?

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Christmas Ornament Vocabulary Project

Toni Madison shares an inspiring Christmas-themed project that could be used in pretty much any math class: vocab ornaments. Be sure to check out Toni’s blog post with more details about this project and other awesome Christmas ideas for the math classroom!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Angle Finding Activity

Thanksgiving may be over, but I can’t help but share this awesome angle finding activity from Ms. Grove.

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Skyscraper Puzzles with Dice

I’ve used Skyscraper puzzles in the past with linking cubes, but Danny Whittaker has opened my eyes to a different approach: dice!

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Quadrilateral Instagram Project

Janice Mejia shows off a student example of a social media project. Love how this type of activity can bring out student creativity!

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Until next week, keep sharing!

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