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Monday Must Reads: Volume 83

Shelli mentioned to me the other day that she was really enjoying reading through old Monday Must Reads posts. This was a great reminder that I haven’t done a new volume of Monday Must Reads since summer started.

Monday Must Reads Logo from Math = Love.

Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas I see shared by other (mostly math) teachers on twitter. Hopefully you find at least one idea you can modify for your own classroom.

Using Ellipses to Solve a Mystery

C.J. Fryer engages Pre-Calculus students with a real-world activity involving a crime scene and ellipses. He credits the lesson to Dr. Beth Noblitt from Northern Kentucky University.

crime solving activity in math class.
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Domino Puzzles

Mark Kaercher shares some Domino Puzzles in Mathigon’s Polypad.

polypad domino puzzles.
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Distance Learning Background

I love that Kelley Posch changed her gmail background to a classroom full of students to help make it through distance learning!

distance learning computer background.
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Bounciest Ball Exponential Decay Lab

I like how Mike Larson adds an extra level of engagement to this exponential decay lab by challenging students to bring in the bounciest ball.

exponential decay lab to determine the bounciest ball.
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Decaying Dice Activity

Anna shares a great teacher hack for doing an exponential decay activity with dice when you don’t have enough dicewooden cubes with a dot on one side!

decaying dice activity from illustrated math.
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Exponent Rules Tasks

Gareth Evans shares some great tasks for exponent rules (index laws).

exponent rules open middle task.
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Multiplication Self-Check Form

I really like this multiplication fact self-check form from Graham Fletcher.

multiplication fact self-check form.
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Playing Genius Square Digitally

Allison Krasnow shares some great digital ways to play the Genius Square puzzle/game.

digital version of genius square puzzle.
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Don’t Waste a Good Mistake…

What a great message on Francesca Timmons‘ dry erase board!

whiteboard message: don't waste a good mistake. Learn from it.
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Building Scatterplots with Bingo Chips

Have bingo chips in your classroom? Melvin Burnett suggests you use them to build scatterplots. Brilliant!

bingo chip scatterplots.
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Washer Method in the Kitchen

Chris Bolognese brings the kitchen to calculus class in a creative and engaging lesson.

washer method in calculus with bundt pans.
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Exponents Error Analysis

Jennifer Fairbanks shares how she uses error analysis in her math class.

exponent error analysis.
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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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