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Monday Must Reads: Volume 83

Shelli mentioned to me the other day that she was really enjoying reading through old Monday Must Reads posts. This was a great reminder that I haven’t done a new volume of Monday Must Reads since summer started.

Monday Must Reads

Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas I see shared by other (mostly math) teachers on twitter. Hopefully you find at least one idea you can modify for your own classroom.

Using Ellipses to Solve a Mystery

C.J. Fryer engages Pre-Calculus students with a real-world activity involving a crime scene and ellipses. He credits the lesson to Dr. Beth Noblitt from Northern Kentucky University.

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Domino Puzzles

Mark Kaercher shares some Domino Puzzles in Mathigon’s Polypad.

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Distance Learning Background

I love that Kelley Posch changed her gmail background to a classroom full of students to help make it through distance learning!

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Bounciest Ball Exponential Decay Lab

I like how Mike Larson adds an extra level of engagement to this exponential decay lab by challenging students to bring in the bounciest ball.

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Decaying Dice Activity

Anna shares a great teacher hack for doing an exponential decay activity with dice when you don’t have enough dicewooden cubes with a dot on one side!

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Exponent Rules Tasks

Gareth Evans shares some great tasks for exponent rules (index laws).

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Multiplication Self-Check Form

I really like this multiplication fact self-check form from Graham Fletcher.

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Playing Genius Square Digitally

Allison Krasnow shares some great digital ways to play the Genius Square puzzle/game.

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Don’t Waste a Good Mistake…

What a great message on Francesca Timmons‘ dry erase board!

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Building Scatterplots with Bingo Chips

Have bingo chips in your classroom? Melvin Burnett suggests you use them to build scatterplots. Brilliant!

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Washer Method in the Kitchen

Chris Bolognese brings the kitchen to calculus class in a creative and engaging lesson.

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Exponents Error Analysis

Jennifer Fairbanks shares how she uses error analysis in her math class.

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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