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Monday Must Reads: Volume 9

School is finally getting into full swing. I think I’ve got almost every kid’s name down. Our notebooks are starting to look like learning tools. There are always papers to grade. And, I’m remembering just how much I love teaching math.

Here’s the latest edition of inspiring ideas I have came across on the Internet.

IMDB Data Display

Amy Hogan shares an awesome graphic from Five Thirty Eight that contains IMDB user ratings from six movies that premiered in 2017. Even though each movie has the same average rating, one of these movies is not like the others.

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New York Times Graphs

On the topic of  graphs to use in class, The New York Times has announced a new feature that promises to highlight interesting graphs. This looks promising!

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Math on the Playground

Lana Pavlova has made all of twitter jealous with her school’s latest playground additions.

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Fun Data Collection Question

Liz Mastalio has her class collecting some data that I find super fun! Now, I need someone to video tape me brushing my teeth when I’m not thinking about this question so I can figure out how I do it!

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Estimation Station

Ashley Henderson recently set up an Estimation Center in her classroom that I adore! The winning class gets the contents of the container!

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Chess Brain Teaser

Bryan Anderson shares a classic chess brain teaser with his students. LOVE the use of linking cubes here!

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Leaving School Checklist

Laura Vogel is inspiring me to get more organized this school year by creating a “Leaving School Checklist.” I also love that #Teach180 is part of her list!

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Class Norm Posters

Sean Corey shares an inspiring photo from his classroom of class norm posters. I love that each norm poster features a visual reminder of an activity they did to practice that norm!

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Linear Warm-Up Activity

Justin Guadagni gets his students up and moving around in a “Linear Table Warm-Up.” Students have to physically rearrange themselves and the number card they have been given to assemble themselves into a linear table. This sounds like a blast!

Image Source:

Trash Audit

Kim Dempsey shares how her colleague had her 12th graders do a trash audit by collecting all of the trash they generated. This doesn’t relate to any of the subjects I teach, but I think it’s a great idea that deserves sharing!

Image Source:

Inspiring Word Wall

I also love this classroom photo that Kim Dempsey shared on twitter. Look at that word wall!

Image Source:

Dimensional Analysis Task

Needing to teach unit conversions or dimensional analysis? Here’s an interesting task from Mr. Gunasingham involving a beard-second.

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Paper Tower Building Contest

Kaitlin shares the results of her students’ paper tower building competition. This looks like a fun way to spend a class period!

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What Mathematicians Look Like

Sarah Dulaney had her students draw pictures of what mathematicians look like. LOVE this idea! Great way to challenge typical stereotypes, too.

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Pre-Testing Students

Allie Webb shares a creative way to pre-test students. Each page featured a ranking of the problem’s difficulty. Students had to highlight one problem from each page to be graded.

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Statistics Booklets

Jazmine Castanon has a brilliant use for all of your old transparencies. Make statistics books!

Image Source:

Real Number System Comic Strips

FCMathLab has students creating comic strips based on the subsets of the Real Number System.

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Error Analysis Around the Room Task

Leigh Ann Mitchell combines error analysis with an around the room task. Brilliant!

Image Source:

Absolute Value Equations Dry Erase Template

Sarah Schambach created an awesome dry erase template to use with solving absolute value equations. Totally stealing this idea!

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And, that’s it until next week!

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Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I feel like a celebrity making this list. I've been following your blog for years and stealing your stuff along the way. :) Thank you for the shout out!