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Absolute Value Transformations Foldable

We ended our absolute value unit in Algebra 1 with this Predicting Absolute Value Transformations Foldable. Our learning goal for this lesson was to be able to predict how the graph of an absolute value relation will be transformed when the equation or inequality is changed.

My students were a bit frustrated with me because I only put the list of 5 things that could be changed on the front of the foldable.  They got tired of flipping back and forth.

I loved hearing my students argue about whether the slopes change when we go from y = |x + 2| – 3 to y = -|x + 2| – 2.  Some students were adamant that the slope changed from positive 1 to negative 1.  

When the rest of the class heard this, most agreed.  But, there was always a student or two who remembered that an absolute value function always has a positive slope AND a negative slope.

Predicting Absolute Value Transformations Foldable
Predicting Absolute Value Transformations Foldable
Predicting Absolute Value Transformations Foldable

Many of my Algebra 1 students are convinced that absolute value is the easiest thing we have done all year.  I find that very interesting.  

Absolute value has always been something in the past that I kinda rushed through and my students never really got a strong grasp of.

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Mary Gentry

Monday 29th of January 2018


My name is Mary Gentry and I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. I love your organized way of thinking and presenting material to your students. Your blog has helped my creative juices flow and I love my notebook that I make with my students.

Just wanted to say thank you and great job creating these foldables by scratch. It is all VERY impressive and you have an incredible imagination.

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