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Systems of Equations Foldable

I want to share a systems of equations foldable I created for my Algebra 2 students to glue in their interactive notebooks.

First, we did a pretty basic interactive notebook page on how to solve systems of equations by graphing.

We began by defining two important terms: system of equations and solution.

systems of equations interactive notebook page algebra

I love having students glue these graph paper index cards in their interactive notebooks when I decide to have students graph something on a whim.

Then, we made a 3 door foldable over the 3 types of systems.

This basic 3 door foldable template (download shared at the bottom of this post) is one of my go-tos.

systems of equations foldable algebra interactive notebooks math inbs

Each flap on the foldable represents a different type of systems: intersecting lines, coinciding lines, and parallel lines.

systems of equations foldable algebra interactive notebooks math inbs

The inside of the foldable shares the number of solutions that each system has and its proper name (independent, dependent, or inconsistent).

Free Download of Systems of Equations Foldable Template

3 Door Foldable (PDF) (3927 downloads )

Chris Rhoades

Friday 17th of August 2018

love your work. do you have more algebra 2 INB?


Wednesday 15th of October 2014

it's better to read you than some stupid novel

and I know What I Mean

forget about reading the gods

it's time to read the persons


Friday 1st of February 2013

I also used this video with this lesson.


Friday 1st of February 2013

I LOVE your ideas! I used the "Steps for Graphing Inequalities" today with my Algebra 1 students. But I noticed you graphed your y-intercept as a positive 9/2 instead of -9/2 therefore we should shade above the line. Keep up the awesome creativity!!!


Sunday 30th of September 2012

Thank you so much for this! I was going to do a foldable for types of systems tomorrow and now I've got the perfect one to use :)

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