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Today I want to highlight a collection of Balancing Act Puzzles from Heather Sparks. Heather is a bit of a legend in the world of Oklahoma math teaching. She was the 2009 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year. If you teach middle school math, her website is worth a browse. I am positive you will find …

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I created this systems of inequalities foldable for my Algebra 1 students to glue in their interactive notebooks. This foldable gave us some quality coloring time! I found that having my students use two different colors (one for each inequality) helped them find the overlapping area. Free Download of Systems of Inequalities Foldable

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For our quiz on solving systems of equations algebraically, I let my students choose between solving by substitution and solving by elimination.  I made some graphic organizers (substitution and elimination) for my students to follow that walked them step-by-step through the process of each method solution method.   After that post, I realized that I …

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