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Linear vs Nonlinear Card Sort Activity from TPT

I downloaded this Linear vs Nonlinear Card Sort Activity from Middle School Math Aplenty on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I used our lesson over linear vs non-linear graphs as graphing calculator practice for my Algebra 2 students.  Students rearranged each equation to get y by itself and entered it in their graphing calculator.

After getting their answers to the card sort checked, students glued the cards in their interactive notebooks.

Link to Download Linear vs Nonlinear Card Sort


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Thursday 4th of October 2018

fyi~ linear equations are commonly written as y = ax + b. The standard forms for the intercepts are (a,0) and (0,b). This is why b is the y-intercept. If x=0, y=b therefore (0,b).


Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Hey Sarah! I love your function transformations foldable. Is there a way I could download the template? I don't see it in the files! Thank you!

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