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I created this linear frayer model for my Algebra 1 students to fill out and glue in their interactive notebooks. This two page spread in our notebooks just makes me smile. Be sure to check out my linear vs. non-linear card sort activity for a great practice opportunity! Free Download of Linear Frayer Model

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This linear auction activity was a fun way to practice linear vs non-linear functions in Algebra 1. You know an activity is a huge success when you end the day with an overwhelming feeling of teacher bliss. The goal for the day was to determine if a function is linear or non-linear based on a …

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I want to share the linear vs non-linear practice that my Algebra 1 students completed in their interactive notebooks. Daily, I am learning how to be a better teacher.  I know what worked well for my students last year.  And, I know what didn’t work so well.  Last year, I assumed that if I taught …

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