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Function Machines and Function Notation Foldable

This function machines and function notation foldable was inspired by Sarah Rubin at Everybody Is a Genius. I created this foldable to accompany a lesson with function machines made from flip chutes.

We labeled each part of a function in function notation.  And, then we practiced evaluating functions using a function machine.

Inside the foldable, students were given two new functions to evaluate for various inputs.

function machines and function notation foldable algebra interactive notebook

I included some problems where students added functions and found the composition of functions.  Normally, I would have skipped over these because they are not tested in Algebra 1, but I’m slowly starting to work in increasing the rigor of my Algebra 1 class in preparation for Common Core.  I also included two problems at the bottom where students had to evaluate the function for a different variable.

On the right side of the inside of the page, I include 3 sample EOI questions for students to solve.  I want my students to be familiar with how the questions will be phrased on their end-of-instruction exams.

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