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Elephant Pentominoes Puzzle

The animal-shaped pentominoes puzzles I have been putting out on a weekly basis have been a huge hit with my students. This elephant pentominoes puzzle was no exception! Can you arrange a set of twelve pentominoes to form the shape of an elephant? Previously, my students have tackled the Terrier Pentominoes Puzzle, the Penguin Pentominoes …

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13 Free Printable Pentominoes Puzzle Challenges

My students have been LOVING these free printable pentominoes puzzle challenges that I have posted this week on the dry erase board in my high school math classroom. Even though I am using them with high school students, they are suitable for almost all ages! What are Pentominoes? Pentominoes is a special name given to …

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Impossible Domino Tower

The Impossible Domino Tower Puzzle asks, “Can you arrange 16 dominoes to build this seemingly impossible domino tower?” This domino puzzle might look familiar because I tackled a similar puzzle, the Impossible Domino Bridge, with my students back in September. My students loved the challenge of building with dominoes. So when I saw that Ivan …

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