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Jumping Frogs Puzzle

I love presenting my students with this interactive frog jumping puzzle that I found online here.  Each frog can only jump the way it is facing.  And, frogs can only jump over frogs of the opposite color.  The goal of the puzzle is to make the frogs switch sides.  

jumping frogs puzzle

I give different a students a turn at the SMARTBoard because tapping on a frog will make it jump.

Jumping Frogs Puzzle

My husband used his coding skills this summer to make his own interactive version of this puzzle that lets you change the number of frogs in the puzzle.

Jumping Frogs Puzzle

I have only used this puzzle as a fun brain teaser, but my husband has taken it and turned it into a full-blown algebra lesson.  You can find out more about his interactive version here.  And, here is a post where he describes what happens when he used the puzzle with his students.

Looking for more frog puzzling fun? I have also created a free printable frog pentominoes puzzle.

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Philip Chang

Sunday 20th of August 2017

Wow so many fun and useful puzzlers...Thanks!

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Glad you like them :)


Tuesday 20th of September 2016

Interestingly, the Follow the Pattern one that was mailed to you was easy for me to figure out, but the Petals Around the Rose one took me FOREVER! I find it fascinating to see how different people's brains work and the types of puzzles they are good or not as good at.

Simplifying Radicals

Tuesday 20th of September 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks for doing this Sarah!!! <3 -Nora

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