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The Ghost Game is a fun two player game which involves coloring in or covering up ghosts arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. The player that colors in the last ghost loses.

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Looking for a quick game for the fall or Halloween season? Picking Pumpkins is a game for two players. The game is easy to understand, quick to play, and full of mathematics to analyze. Picking Pumpkins Instructions Picking Pumpkins is a game for two players. On your turn, you may pick any number of pumpkins …

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The game of sim is an easy-to-learn pencil and paper game of drawing lines and avoiding triangles. Unlike many other similar pencil and paper games, there is always a winner!

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Discover the thrilling Martinetti Dice Game which is easy to learn and only requires 3 standard dice and basic playing pieces such as bingo chips or game pawns. Get ready for a fun and engaging dice game! I love to teach my high school students to play dice games, so I am always on the …

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