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Jumbo Tic Tac Toe

A few weeks ago, I posted the Tic Tac Toe Challenge for my students to tackle. After students solved the puzzle, they often ended up using the grid on the board to play regular tic tac toe. The puzzle only uses X’s, so students would end up drawing in the O’s with a dry erase marker.

jumbo tic tac toe

I decided that if my students really wanted to play Tic-Tac-Toe, I would create jumbo magnetic pieces for them to play tic-tac-toe. I also plan on introducing them to some new tic-tac-toe variations (blog posts hopefully coming soon!) next school year.

jumbo tic tac toe pieces

I’ve also played a Tic Tac Toe style review game in the past that these pieces could be used for.

jumbo tic tac toe pieces

I created the tic tac toe board by cutting up some colored butcher paper into strips and taping it to the dry erase board. I might make it out of tape next year to make it a bit more durable.

I added disc magnets to the back of each laminated piece so that students could play tic tac toe easily on the magnetic dry erase board.


drawing of laminator machine with text "laminating recommendations"

A laminator is a MUST-HAVE for me as a math teacher! I spent my first six years as a teacher at a school with a broken laminator, so I had to find a way to laminate things myself.

I’ve had several laminators over the years. I currently use a Scotch laminator at home and a Swingline laminator at school.

I highly recommend splurging a bit on the actual laminator and buying the cheapest laminating pouches you can find!

Free Download of Jumbo Tic Tac Toe Pieces

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe Pieces (PDF) (1699 downloads )

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe Pieces (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (1289 downloads )