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End of Year Letters of Advice

After state testing was over, I had students write a one page letter of advice to students taking our class (Algebra 1 or Algebra 2) next year.  I did this last year, but I did not specify how long the letters needed to be.  I didn’t make my students write near enough this year.  Writing a full page was a struggle for some of them.  But, I think the letters I got this year were of a higher quality than last year’s letters due to this requirement.

I went through this year’s letters and picked out the sentences that stood out to me the most.  I’ve semi-sorted it by topic.  In short, my students love our interative notebooks.  They hate my jokes.  But, they laugh anyway to make me feel better about myself.  The youtube videos I showed in class were cool.  I apparently have a good and bad side, and you should definitely avoid getting on my bad side.  This is a testament to my classroom management struggles.  I am too lax.  Then, I get super strict.  And, neither is good.  Next year, I aim to be consistent.  I shouldn’t have a good side or a bad side.  There should be one side and one side only of me.

My Students Talk About Notebooks

You will be gluing and cutting a lot.  Don’t be stupid!

You need a notebook to glue and color in.

Ms. Hagan has us keep this awesome notebook that helps you learn new ways of solving a problem and new formulas.

Your notebook helps a lot because if you ever need help on something you can look back at your notebook and it will help you.  It is way better than getting a textbook and doing work out of it.

Always do your notebook.  Your notebook will have all of your things you will learn in her class.  It does get annoying sometimes, but it’s way better than a textbook and doing work out of it.

Whenever you get your notebook, be sure to always fill it in.  My notebook is what helped me study, and if you think that you forgot something, then you can always go back and look at it.  And before your EOI you can go through your notebook to look at everything that you have done throughout the year.

Make sure that you write down everything Ms. Hagan tells you.  The notebook is a really helpful tool to remember stuff.

You will have a notebook where you do some pretty cool things during class to glue in your notebook.

The notebook is IMPORTANT.  She will fail you if you do not have it.

Don’t mess up on one thing in your notebook because if you miss one thing it’s a zero so take the time to make sure
it’s all finished.

Stay focused on your work especially the notebook.  You will be writing A LOT in this class.  Your notebook is a huge part of your grade.

Hopefully you like coloring, writing, folding, and cutting because you will do a ton of that in your notebook.  When cutting the papers for your notebook make sure you ask before you start cutting away on your paper!

This class is very good.  Your teacher is the best teacher in the whole high school…I love this class because the teacher is an awesome one.  You will be making notebooks instead of using your books.  The notebook
is my favorite part of this whole class. 

Algebra 2 is a fun class.  Lots of meaningful, colorful notes…You get awesome calculators.  You fold and make cool things.  Hope your year was as fun as mine.

You’ll probably love the notebooks because they’re very helpful.  I loved them when I had homework.

You will need a notebook and you will fill up every page and you will color and glue and cut out things all the time.  You will feel like you’re in preschool again.

My advice for you would be to listen to her instructions, turn in all work, number the pages of your notebook, write down the titles for each section in your notebook when you do that section that day, and learn how to use your calculator because they will help you so much for the test.

You should always take notes.  If you miss a day, then go to someone who has the notes.  These notes will help you mainly at the end of the year near testing time.  Make sure you grab a composition notebook instead of a spiral notebook.

You should always take notes and if you miss a day go to someone who has the notes you missed. 

You are going to think this is an art class because we had to do so much art stuff in this notebook.  I really hated it BTW.   

This class is very colorful and artistic.  Make sure you keep up with your notes because you’re going to need them.

The notebooks.  They aren’t fun.  They’re boring.  No one likes doing it.

We make notes that take a long time to do, but they help us understand things better.

You need to take all your notes.  They will help in the end.

Do the notebook because it helps out a lot.

My Students Talk About What To Do And Not Do In Class

Don’t be late to class.  Ever!  She’ll be mean to you.

Her number one pet peeve is talking loud and yelling.

Try to get on the star.  It’s like a game.  If you don’t get on the star, you lose.

For this class, you should have a cleared mind and be ready to work all the time.  You might hit a couple of bumps in the road.

My advice to you is to be polite and to not make fun of your fellow classmates or she will make you say two or more nice things to that person.

Mind Ms. Hagan.  Her class is one of the easiest and most fun of all the classes that you’ll have.  Do your work.  Don’t interrupt her.  Listen.  Follow along.

Always pay attention to Miss Hagan.  She knows what she is doing.  Everything that she taught me was on my EOI test.

BIG ONE:  Don’t backtalk the teacher.

Try your hardest to not miss any days of school because every day of algebra is important.

First you got to keep up with your assignments.  Those will toss your grade around.  They can be good or bad, but you better hope they’re good.

Avoid the people that don’t care about their future AKA the people that talk 24/7.

Bring your own mini white board and dry erase marker and eraser because the school’s sucks.

Do not sleep.  You will fail big time.

Be nice and have fun, but stay on her good side.

Don’t be late.  Ms. Hagan will be sad, and you will be counted late.

If she tells you to remember something, you better do it!

Go get on her good side cause if you do you’ll pass her class with flying colors.

Don’t be mean to her because she is a good person.

Do what you are told, or she’ll either send you to the office or out in the hallway.

Never argue with your teacher.

My advice to a student that plans on taking Algebra 2 next year is to actually try in class.  If you miss one day or even one hour of this class you will be so far behind its not even funny…Don’t cheat either because that won’t get you far.  It will just bring you more work and it will make it harder for you.

Make sure you don’t talk a lot during class because Ms. Hagan will kill you.

Refrain from sleeping.  It doesn’t help you.

This class can be a challenge.  You’ll fail quizzes or possibly tests.  Be sure to limit yourself from distractions.

If you don’t pay attention, you will be lost and confused easily.  This class can be very fun and easy to remember the stuff you learn in this class if you just listen, pay attention, and do your work.  You need to keep up with your work or you will fail.

My advice to you would be don’t procrastinate; finish your work asap.  If you ever need help don’t be afraid to ask Ms. Hagan.  She will help you and doesn’t make you feel stupid while doing so.

P.S. Don’t be like me.  Keep your cell phone put away.

Try to consciously understand what she is teaching and if you don’t then ask for help.  Keep your phone away in class because it will do nothing but distract you.  Be sure to keep your notebook up to date because it is your road map to Algebra 2.  The number one thing is DON’T GET BEHIND.  Everything in this subject builds on what you were just taught.

Do not ever show up to class without your notebook or pencil.  Do not copy off someone you will not learn anything…Don’t ever have your phone out because you will get it taken away.  You need to always pay attention…It would be really smart to stay quiet and listen because if you don’t you will get yelled at and sent off to the office.  Take this
advice really seriously.

Don’t sit by one of your friends because it makes it hard to learn anything in this class.  Don’t miss anything in your notebook because it helps a lot in class.  Be very respectful of Ms. Hagan because it will help you because she can make this class a lot easier.

Just pay attention in class and actually do your work by yourself.  If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask Ms. Hagan won’t bite your head off.  She actually likes you when you ask questions.”

More advice: keep your work turned in.  Zeros will kill you, and surprisingly it helps you understand your work better if you do your homework.

If you’re copying someone, make sure your partner isn’t as stupid as you are.

This class can be fun if you let it be.  Step 1 – do not have your phone out the first semester or you will have a terrible version of Ms. Hagan the 2nd semester.  Step 2 – treat Ms. Hagan with respect or you will get the same result.

Make sure to do all your assignments and show all your work.  Do not sit by your friends because you will get extremely behind.

1 Rule: Make sure you don’t have your phone out in class when the bell rings or she will take it.

Watch your back.  People are untrustable and stupid.

If you’re gonna cheat, at least put your name on the paper.  

You get to do origami at the end of the year.  So, hang on.  

Don’t use the bathroom on the first floor.

You’ll do some fun things sometimes.

Warning: You will have to do this stupid assignment.  

Basically, it’s impossible to fail unless you try to or you are lazy like me and just don’t care.  Then you will fail pretty easily.  

This class can be easy or hard based on what you decide.  

We bring pie on pi day and get to eat it.

The graphing part of the year is very hard.  No sleeping in class.  It never works out well for you.  

It will be hard, you will fail.  

My Students Talk About Randomness

Don’t do drugs!

High school will be a rude awakening for some of you, so sleep while you can!  MATH WILL FIND WHERE YOU LIVE!

Don’t ever over stress yourself.  Your brain will melt.

Eat a lot of crackers and BBQ sauce.

Good luck in high school.  You’ll need it.  Trust me, there’s drama!

You may never use any of this in real life, but the State of OKLAHOMA makes you learn it.  Sounds stupid but you have to!

Stay classy, not trashy!

P.S.S. Do math, not meth.

So good luck.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

Welcome to one year of torture with Professor Sarah Hagan.  Are you prepared for an extremely challenging year in which you shall most likely lose all sanity?  Well!  You should be!  I hope you survive this year of suffering and despair with all of your sanity intact.

My Students Reflect On The Year

Remember, your hard work will pay off and you will learn more than you ever thought you would know.

Algebra 1 was the most fun class that I took this year.

Algebra 1 is an amazing class, and it’s always fun.  The classroom is also cool because it has Algebra type stuff on it.

Welcome to the hardest class in your life.  They call it Algebra 1.  Actually, it’s not that hard, but there will be a lot that you don’t understand.

You will do fun projects which include barbies and wrestlers.

Another thing is a fun project called Barbie Bungee Jump.  It’s really fun.  Can’t tell you about it.  You will have to wait and see for yourself.

You will have a blast.  You want to know why?  Because I did.  I had a wonderful time in this class.  Algebra 1 may be hard to you, but it’s really not.  You will get used to it by the end of the school year.

If you have Ms. Hagan, you’ll do great – almost guaranteed!  I was so, so stressed for my EOI.  But come to find out, I went up 14 whole points from my score last year!  Last year I scored in the limited knowledge section, and I even took two math classes.  This year, I scored in the proficient section, and I only had one math class.

Anyways, algebra is fun sometimes.  The only reason you do a lot of work is because she cares and wants you to pass.  And, when you do pass, that’s good.  She gets excited, and that’s how you know she’s a good teacher.  If you don’t pass, then you clearly weren’t paying attention because she’s a wonderful teacher.

This class could be fun if you make it that way.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely in Algebra II.  I am so sorry.

To whomever this concerns, if you plan on taking this class – stop, reevaluate your life and take another class other than this one, you will not enjoy the pain you will endure in this room.  Just kidding.

This class is easy.  Remember your manners and behave for Ms. Hagan, and this year will pass by quick.

If you take one class that you decide to pay attention in, this is it.  At times you might have to sacrifice free time and sleep to complete the work.

Always ask for help, and I can promise you’ll receive it.  I spent many lunch periods and afternoons with Ms. Hagan.  She will give you extra help as long as you ask for it.  Try your best not to copy people’s work.  It might help you pass the class, but it isn’t going to help you pass the EOI.  Throughout the year, you may get some bad grades, but always keep working.  Never give up on trying to succeed.

In Algebra II, you can’t get behind.  You will be completely lost and behind all year.  If you just pay attention, it’s not that hard.  You’ve just got to stay on top of things.  If you get confused, come in before school, after school, or during lunch.  That will really help you pass your test.  Make sure you know how to use the graphing calculator, that makes everything much much simpler.

Dear Concerned Student,
By reading this letter, you are obviously in Algebra II.  Don’t panic, yet.  Firstly, lose your phone.  You’ll have
it taken within seconds of having it out.  Your teacher, Ms. Sarah Hagan, is an amazing teacher, but she tolerates nothing.  You can’t even suggest a movie; she’ll just shoot you down!  Don’t ever expect to walk into class and do nothing…we always do something.  Yes, that means every day.  When you start getting into the work, such as notebooks, worksheets, etc, be sure to keep up.  Missing one day of school will be the worst thing you could do. 

I didn’t take this class seriously and I failed the eoi.  I disliked taking this class and learning Algebra II.  Once I took Algebra 1 and I passed the eoi and felt good.  I liked making a journal and doing arts and crafts, but I didn’t like doing all the worksheets and homework.  I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t get to chill and didn’t get to laugh.  “Ok, you shouldn’t be talking.”  You will hear this 360,012,140 times this year, and you will never learn not to talk because everyone likes to talk to everyone.  I loved learning about math and great things about graphs on the very smart calculator because you feel like you love to love it!  I loved this class.

My Students Talk About Origami

P.S. You will learn to fold your letters like this!

origami letter envelope.

My Students Talk About Me

You won’t have any problems with her because all you need to do is pay attention, don’t talk, and don’t make Ms. Hagan mad.

Ms. Hagan is a fun, wonderful teacher, and the year will zoom right by.

If you are nice to the teacher, then she will be nice to you.

I know algebra is a little difficult sometimes, but Ms. Hagan will help you.  She’s so sweet, and she will do anything to help you pass your EOI.  Anybody can pass this class and the EOI if you pay attention and listen to Ms. Hagan.

Ms. Hagan is a great teacher and person.  She always has patience for a student when you give her the time of day she deserves.  Please don’t make her all upset.  She deserves better.

If you mind Ms. Hagan, she will usually give you candy.  She’s pretty much always nice unless you do anything to make her angry (not advisable)  But, she always keeps fun in the classroom and always keeps your attention as long as you pay attention.

If you give Ms. Hagan your respect, she will give you her respect.

Ms. Hagan makes Algebra 1 easy and actually fun to do on some days.

Do not get on her bad side.  You will regret it.

Ms. Hagan is a very patient person, but try not to push her buttons too much.

Out of all your teachers, Ms. Hagan will be one of your favorite teachers.  And, I’m pretty sure if you need help from any class, she will do her best to help you because she doesn’t want anyone to fail.

Be prepared to have fun in Algebra 1 if you have Ms. Hagan.  Sometimes she gives a lot of work.  But, we play a lot of games.  If you pay attention to her and want to learn, you will love Algebra 1.

Say her name backwards: Ms. Nagah.

Algebra (1000*4)*0+1 is an awesome class.  Your teacher, Ms. [Wrong Name], is the BEST.  I’ve never learned so much math in my life.  It’s a pretty awesome class.  No joke.  You’re gonna learn about functions.  They’re super easy.

End of Year letter of advice to future students.

She knows what she is doing.

Ms. Hagan is a good teacher.  All you need to do is pay attention to her and listen to her.  She knows what she’s talking about, and you need to know all of the things she is teaching you.

Ms. Hagan may seem like a mean person, but she’s just doing what’s best for you.

You should enjoy this class unless you don’t like math.  But, don’t worry, even if you’re not good at math, Ms. Hagan can and will explain everything.  Just be patient and make sure you pay attention.

Ms. Hagan is a good teacher, but I warn you: do not make her mad.  Or else, she will be your worst enemy.

In the event that you make it to this class, in which case you have, you should be glad to be here because Ms. Hagan is one of the best math teachers I have ever had.

Ms. Hagan is the funniest teacher.  You will have a blast in this class.

Ms. Hagan does not play games.  She will send you to the office or out in the hall.  But, beware!  She will probably forget you.

You will have a good year in Algebra 1 with Ms. Hagan if you become friends with her.

Ms. Hagan don’t play games.  She’s on a mission.  She is gonna teach you no matter what you want.  She will teach different ways to do everything.  So you have plenty of ways to do each problem.

Ms. Hagan is a super good teacher so she’ll help you out a lot.  But be sure to always give her your full attention; especially after Christmas break, just saying.

Having Ms. Hagan as a teacher really helped me understand math a lot better.  She’s really good about staying after school to help you fix your grade and make sure you pass.

If you want to be on Ms. Hagan’s good side, just do what she asks and pay attention.

Ms. Hagan can be cranky.  On those days, it would be best to just do the work and avoid looking her in the eye.

Ms. Hagan is a phone Nazi, so keep the thing hidden.

Also she does not care if you have a job or not she still wants her packet.

She made math easy and fun.  If you don’t get something the first time going over it, then just be patient.  You’ll get it eventually.  Never ever I mean ever get your phone out in her class.  You will lose it.

This is by far my easiest class.  The teacher in this class makes everything simple.  If you’re in here, just know that Ms. Hagan is the sweetest and funniest teacher here.  

Words of advice: Be quiet!  She does have a mean side!  

I will miss being in her class.  

When she is in a bad mood, she will send you in the hallway for your death.

Ms. Hagan’s class is never fun, so don’t count on it.  Math is terribly boring.  Always get answers from the hot girls (if any in class).

Listen to Ms. Hagan.  She is usually right.  She doesn’t like me because I’m a genius and very good looking.

This teacher has literally never ate any kind of meat.  She hasn’t had the experience of eating a good ol’ fashioned deer steak which I really think she is miss out.  She doesn’t like to fish, so I really don’t think she is American.  

She lets you listen to some really cool tunes, so if you get the chance to listen to music on the smartboard, make her let you listen to the slope intercept form song.

Be nice to Ms. Hagan, and she will be nice to you.

Don’t make her mad or she will give you a lot of work.  

Ms. Hagan isn’t really a bad teacher.  If you heard certain things, they are wrong.  Never, I mean never, get on her bad side. 

Ms. Hagan can be hard to get along with sometimes, but she’s not too bad.  

This note is a waste of time beyond this point.  Ha Ha Ha Ha  I put bacon in Ms. Hagan’s coffee.  Don’t laugh at her because she’s a vegetarian, has a tractor fetish, and has a boyfriend who lives in Australia.

If you don’t understand something, ask about it.  She’ll try to help you understand.  Sometimes, trust me, it doesn’t work!

If you don’t understand, ask her for help, and she will try and help you.  But, you have to give respect to get respect.

You have to pass the Algebra 1 EOI, and if you don’t, you have to take this class again.  Ms. Hagan does NOT want that to happen.

Ms. Hagan is a nice teacher, and if you pay attention this class will be easy.

Ms. Hagan is a vegetarian and sometimes brings food but won’t share. 🙁

Don’t get on her bad side or you will have a bad day.  Trust me.  I know.

In order to pass this class, you have to pay attention to her when she is giving instructions or giving you advice to put in your notes.  But, more than anything, you need to stay on Ms. Hagan’s good side.  If you don’t, then you will get in trouble a lot.  Even if she doesn’t like you, she will stay after school and help you with whatever you need.

Students Talk About Classroom Rules

Do not talk during class because she will not continue the lesson if you do not be quiet.  By the way, encourage your neighbors to be quiet during class because you’ll get in trouble just as much as they do.

She won’t keep teaching if you are talking.  She will sit and wait forever.  But Ms. Hagan is a great teacher, and she will make sure you succeed.

Don’t sleep in class because teachers get mad at you for being tired.

Stay awake.  Teachers tend to frown upon sleeping in class.  

Do not throw pencils through the hole in the floor by the windows.

Oh, and don’t cuss; well at least not loud enough for her to hear you, or you’ll get a slip.

You have to pay attention in this class to pass.

Phones, if you want to keep them for the rest of the day, you might just want to keep it up.  She will take it and keep it.

Well, be good and keep your phone put up, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

She doesn’t like racial jokes, annoying sounds, desk or chair flipping, throwing, tossing, kicking, or shooting, leaving stuff out of place, yelling in class, constantly wearing hats, ignoring her, or making fun of her and saying she is worshiping the devil.  If you do this, you will FAIL.

If you want to be in trouble, then you’re in the perfect class.  She doesn’t like people talking while she is giving notes.

Don’t shoot trash in the trash can cause if you miss you will have to pick up two things in the floor. 

Never wear hats, throw trash, or play on your phone.  She’ll take your stuff and keep it forever. 

My Students Talk About My Grading System

You better finish all your papers because it’s a 0 or a 100.  Make sure you show your work.

First, you need to know about her grading scale.  I don’t agree with it, but you might.  It starts at A, then to B, then to Not Yet or NY.  When you get an NY (Not Yet) on your paper, you basically failed it, but she’ll let you redo it until you get an A or a B.  What gets me is that until the time that you get an A or a B on it, the paper is put in as a 0 (zero).

Your grades have to be an A or B or you won’t pass.  I don’t know why.  It’s dumb.  It really is.

Her grading system is kinda stupid.  You pass or fail.

Ms. Hagan’s grading system is actually helpful because she lets you re-do work until you get an A or B.

My Students Talk About My Jokes

Laugh at Ms. Hagan’s jokes to make her feel better.  Ask her about her fish joke and elephant jokes.  And the joke about the bank.

Miss Hagan is a really good teacher and I think you will like her class.  Another thing you may like is her jokes even though they aren’t really funny.

If you want Ms. Hagan to feel good and have a good day, tell her to tell jokes. Then, laugh even though they aren’t funny.

Also, her jokes.  Some are funny and some you’re just like “Miss Hagan!”  And, that’s what makes you laugh.

Hey, she always tells jokes so make sure you laugh. 🙂

On Funny Friday, Ms. Hagan usually has a cheesy joke in mind.  Just laugh at it whether it’s funny or not.  It will make her laugh.  

You will need to be funny in this class because the only way to get through this class is to make everything a joke.

Pretend to laugh at her jokes because they are horrible.  Just remember that her jokes such.  Just pretend you like her and do the scatter plot.

Algebra 1 wasn’t a struggle.  Act like her jokes are funny.  THEY AREN’T.  Listening to them was bad.  

Don’t tell any racist black jokes.

Make fun of her jokes.  Maybe one day they will get better.  If you tell jokes make sure that she can’t hear you, or they need to be G-rated.

On Fridays, don’t say racist jokes.

Oh Lord, her jokes.  They aren’t funny.  I think people just laugh at them to make her feel good.  Her jokes aren’t good.  Help her out!

BTW Laugh at her jokes even if they aren’t funny.  Guys, help her with them.

Ms. Hagan makes wonderful jokes, so be sure to laugh at them.

Oh!  And, Ms. Hagan’s jokes aren’t that good.  So help her out and laugh anyways.  Sorry Ms. Hagan, gotta put a smile on your face somehow.

My Students Talk About Cell Phones

Don’t talk to friends or text because you will need all of the tools that Ms. Hagan provides to you.

When you are in Ms. Hagan’s class I would not get your phone out cause she will take it.

Play on your phone a lot, but make sure she don’t catch you.

Don’t get on her bad side.  Talking and being on your phone does that.

My Students Talk About The EOI

I’m writing to you today to give you little helpful tips to successfully pass the Algebra EOI.  Well, first things first, eat a good hearty, health breakfast, eggs, toast, whole food cereal, etc.  Get lost and lots of sleep you don’t want to be passing out in the middle of the EOI.  Yawn.

Everything that Ms. Hagan taught me was on my EOI test.

My Students Talk About Math

Learn slope.  Trust me, you’ll need it.

The quadratic formula is actually kind of entertaining.

Don’t forget to double check your answers and check the simple math.  You don’t want to fail the EOI because you messed up simply adding 2+2.  So always check your work.

First thing is to forget the x in multiplying and start using ().

You have to sign a little card and take an oath.  It’s kind of a big deal.

Get ready for the fun you will or may have in Algebra.

Remember to look out for positives and negatives because they will confuse you.

My Students Talk About Calculators

And the calculator is going to be your best friend in that class.

You get to use graphing calculators.  They are the most useful things in this whole class.  You can use the calculators for almost everything in this class.  When you go over long division, pay attention.  There is questions on the EOI.  Don’t freak out.  You get to use your calculator.  The class will get you very prepared for the test.  This class is not very easy.  You have to pay attention all the time.  You will get in trouble often if you talk.  She does everything on the Smart Board.  You are not allowed to have your phone on in class.

You also need to learn how to use a graphing calculator because it will be your best friend in this class.

Pay attention on how to use the calculator.  It will be your best friend in the classroom while you’re doing your work.

This class is fun but difficult at the same time.  There are these amazing things called graphing calculators.  Make sure you pay attention when you learn new things about them and you will for sure pass.

One of the most important things you can do in this class is show your work, even if she doesn’t say you have to (which she usually will).  Another thing that helped in this class was I learned how to use the calculators, but I would use them as little as possible.

My Students Talk About The Math Videos We Watch Throughout The Year

You won’t regret having Ms. Hagan as a teacher.  She has great teaching methods, and I think you will like it.  One thing you will have to do is endure her videos in class.  Some are good, but some will crack you up.

Pay attention to her stupid, annoying videos.  They help.

Another thing is Ms. Hagan will show you a few cool rap math songs.

My Algebra 2 Students Talk About Killing the Cat

P.S. Don’t kill the cat; you will learn about this next year!  It is really important!

Even if you hate cats, don’t kill the poor thing.

Another important thing is to never kill the cat.  I don’t think anyone really understands this rule, but I guess it worked.

Don’t kill the cat (not quite sure what it means but she gets ticked about it.)

Oh, DON’T KILL THE CAT!! It upsets her…


Friday 16th of May 2014

I love doing activities like this that help students reflect... and help me improve! I'm hoping to do my Google Form Report Card again, and use the feedback to make a 1st day of school video for my new crew in the fall. Check this out:

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

I LOVE the idea of taking the quotes and making a video! I might just put one of these together this summer! Thanks for sharing!

Amy zimmer

Thursday 15th of May 2014

Hi Sarah,

I just want to appreciate how generous you have been with your ideas and foldables. You rock! I am so grateful for all the inspiration! Happy Summer to you!

Yours, Amy Zimmer Windsor High School, CA

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

Thanks Amy! Your blog has been an inspiration to me as well!

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