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Bear Tangram Puzzle

Looking for a fun challenge to complete with your tangrams? Check out this free printable bear tangram puzzle.

bear tangram

Arrange a set of seven tangram puzzle pieces to create the shape of a bear.

bear tangram puzzle.

At the beginning of my teaching career, one of the first things I invested in was a class set of tangrams. I enjoy using these tangrams to complete various tasks that promote a growth mindset. They are also

The tangram clipart for this bear tangram puzzle challenge comes from my favorite clipart website – Clipart ETC. The website is chock-full of educational clipart that can be used by teachers 100% for FREE. My most-used section of their website is their collection of coordinate plane clipart.

I was super excited when I discovered they have an entire section of Tangram Puzzle Clipart.

Binder with Free Printable Tangram Puzzles.

In fact, I used the tangram clipart to create an entire binder with 97 free printable tangram challenges. If you are looking for lots of tangram puzzles, this is your best bet. You can print off almost 100 free tangram puzzles all at once.

Free Download of Bear Tangram Puzzle (PDF)

There are two PDF printable versions of this bear tangram puzzle for you to choose from. You can print one large copy of the puzzle or four small copies of the puzzle on a single page.

Bear Tangram Puzzle – 1 to a Page (PDF) (900 downloads )

Bear Tangram Puzzle – 4 to a Page (PDF) (647 downloads )