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I created this graphing functions using input/output tables foldable for my Algebra 1 students to put in their interactive notebooks. After graphing the “Win Some Cash!” functions, we did some more graphing functions practice.  After graphing each function, students had to classify the function as linear, absolute value, quadratic, or exponential. We needed lots of …

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I really liked how this Win Some Cash task went with my Algebra 1 student! Yesterday, we started graphing functions in Algebra 1 by making input/output tables.  I wanted to find a task to use with my students to introduce the concept without just jumping into a million practice problems. Thankfully, I saved a bunch …

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I created this graphing equations with the graphing calculator foldable for my Algebra 2 students to glue in their interactive notebooks. This foldable gave us some much-needed practice graphing logarithmic functions, rational functions, exponential functions, and radical functions with our graphing calculators. Free Download of Algebra 2 Graphing Equations Foldable

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