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Order of Operations Practice Worksheet

Today I’m sharing an order of operations practice worksheet based on a set of problems I recently ran across in an out-of-print textbook. I’ve been using part of my Spring Break to look through some math textbooks that have been digitized by the Internet Archive and are shared freely through their Online Lending Library.

order of operations worksheet

My eye was caught by a set of order of operations problems while looking through Intermediate Algebra for College Students by Karl J. Smith and Patrick J. Boyle. It was published in 1985 by Brooks/Cole Publishing.

intermediate algebra for college students by karl j. smith and patrick j. boyle

Even though I’m teaching upper-level secondary math now, I still get excited when I see problems that would be great for younger grades. I really appreciate that this set of 10 problems all use the exact same numbers in the exact same order.

order of operations practice worksheet

I’ve typed up the 10 problems as a sort of order of operations practice worksheet in case anyone wants to use the in their classroom.

order of operations practice worksheet

UPDATE 3/21/21 – Fixed Typo in Download Found by User in Comments. I thought I double-checked everything, but I guess I should of triple checked. Sorry for missing a parenthesis!

Screenshot of Order of Operations Practice Worksheet.

Rachel Meytin

Sunday 21st of March 2021

There's a typo on #7 - It's missing the close parenthesis: after the nine. (I added it here). Otherwise the answer is 13, but in [(3 + 9) ÷ (3· 2) + 2]· 6 ÷ 3

Sarah Carter

Sunday 21st of March 2021

Good catch! I even double checked everything before I hit publish, but I guess my eyes saw what they wanted to see instead of what I had actually written. I've fixed the file now. Thanks for spotting my typo!

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