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Printable Radian Sectors

Several summers ago, I created a set of printable radian sectors to illustrate what different amounts of radians looked like when graphed in standard form. I had a brilliant idea to make some sort of auction activity where students competed to see which group could create the most complete circles. At least I think that is what my plan was… I never actually got any further than creating the sectors, printing them, and laminating them.

printable radian sectors

I thought I would share them here on the blog with you today in case someone else might find them useful to help students visualize radians. I still hope to turn these into a game some day. When I do, I’ll update this post!

Printable Radian Sectors

Free Download of Radian Sectors

Radian Sector Cards (PDF) (1318 downloads )

Radian Sector Cards (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (852 downloads )

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