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Electron Dot Diagrams with Stickers

I’m not totally happy with my notes for electron dot diagrams, so I’m not posting the front of this foldable.  My description is too wordy, and I’m not sure it totally summarized the process of creating an electron dot diagram.  Also, I learned from reading lots of other teachers describe the process online that teachers can’t really agree about how to teach it anyway.  Some online explanations insisted you should put two electrons on one side before you put any electrons on any of the other sides.  Other online explanations insisted you should put one electron on each side before doubling up the electrons on any of the sides.

I’m trained as a math teacher, not a science teacher.  So, I just chose one of the ways and went with it.  So, if you think the other way is right, it may very well be.  The idea I’m blogging about can be used no matter which way you choose to teach it.  🙂

When I typed up my notes, I put an explanation of the process on the front of the foldable and a table with 12 practice problems on the inside of the foldable.  Originally, my plan was to let students draw in the dots for the electrons around the chemical symbol.  Then, I had the epiphany that we could use small circular stickers for the electrons.

I have an entire tub of stickers in my cabinet, so lack of stickers was definitely not a problem.  I gave students the choice between a sheet of animal stickers, smiley face stickers, and pawprint stickers.  What does it say about me that I was able to give every single student in the class a full sheet of stickers without making them share?  Yes.  I own too many stickers.  I promise I’m working on it.  I told my husband this past summer that he had to stop me if I tried to buy any more stickers.

electron dot diagrams foldable with stickers for electrons.

Looking at these electron dot diagrams makes me so happy.

electron dot diagrams foldable with stickers for electrons.

My students caught on to this concept so easily that they begged to take the quiz right after we took the notes.  I agreed because I’m ready to move on to ionic vs. covalent compounds.  And, we’ll get plenty more practice with electron dot diagrams in that section!

electron dot diagrams foldable with stickers for electrons.

Note to self: Edit version B of this quiz before teaching this class again.

Physical Science Electron Dot Diagram Quiz.

You know something has gone terribly wrong when 25% of the class (I write 4 versions of each quiz) starts giggling as soon as you give them their quiz.

Lilia Tovbin

Saturday 29th of October 2016

Brilliant idea to use stickers! Who doesn't love stickers? Kids love 'em, adults into organization /decoration love 'em, no way to go wrong with using stickers in learning activities. The proof is in the giggles!

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