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Four in a Row Review Game

This Four in a Row Review Game was inspired by Fawn Nguyen.

There are the days when I spend hours crafting an awesome practice activity for my students.  Then, there are the days where I show up to school and need to figure out what all 3 preps are doing for the day during my 53-minute planning period.

Four in a Row Review Activity.

This is one of those ideas which can thankfully be thrown together on the quick.

  • Find a pre-made worksheet for your topic online that has an answer key.  Print double-sided with the answer key on the back.
  • Make a quick table with the number of needed questions.  My worksheet had 26 questions, so I made a table with 25 boxes.  I didn’t like the next-to-last question, so I told students to mark that one out and change #26 to #25.
  • Put students in pairs.  I usually let them choose their own pairs.
  • Each pair of students needs a worksheet/answer key, box template, and dry erase boards to show their work.
  • Students decide who goes first.  This person chooses a question for both students to work out on their dry erase boards.
  • Once both students are done, they turn over to the answer key and check their answers.  If the student who chose the question got it right, they get to write their name in that question’s box.  If the student who chose the question got it wrong but their partner got it right, their partner gets to write their name in that question’s box.  If both students got the question wrong, the box gets marked out without any names written.
  • The other student gets to pick the next question.
  • Play continues until one player gets their name four times in a row.