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Graphing Linear Equations Activity with Transparencies

I love this graphing linear equations activity that uses transparencies. Students are given a coordinate plane template and a small strip of transparency paper with a straight line printed or drawn on it.

Students have to use the transparent line to graph each of the following linear functions. For each function, they must then record at least two labeled points through which the line passes.

Graphing LInear Functions with Transparencies Activity

I learned about this activity while attending a session titled “Taking the Practice Out of the Worksheet” by Judy Schwarz of Moore Public Schools at the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics Summer Conference.

Graphing LInear Functions with Transparencies Activity

I really liked having the line on a transparency where students could just move it around.  I thought this was super clever!

I did a bit of research and discovered that the graphing linear functions template is from The Algebra Institute. You can find this massive document of 601 pages of algebra activities online to download.

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