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Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle

Help bring some festive puzzling spirit to your classroom with this pentominoes Christmas tree puzzle. My students love pentominoes puzzles, and I think your students will love these puzzles as well!

Last Christmas, I made a note to myself to look for some Christmas-themed pentominoes puzzles for the next school year. I ended up lucking out and finding two different versions of Christmas trees that can be made using a standard set of 12 pentominoes.

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Version 1

The first pentominoes Christmas tree I found was from Alex Ravsky. It was shared on a Belgian site dedicated to hundreds (or more likely thousands!) of different pentominoes puzzles and challenges.

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle

Can you arrange a standard set of twelve pentominoes to form the Christmas tree shape?

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Version 2

I discovered an alternate version of a Christmas tree made from a set of pentominoes on Instagram. If you like pentominoes puzzles, you must check out @_pp_plyf’s Instagram account.

This puzzle is going to be slightly easier for students to solve because there are various places in the puzzle that only have a single pentomino piece that can be placed there.

If you are working with younger students, I would definitely recommend starting with this second version.

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle
Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle

Printing and Prepping the Pentominoes Puzzles

These Christmas Tree pentominoes puzzles are designed to print on 11 x 17 inch paper. I print all of my pentominoes puzzles on 11 x 17 cardstock for extra durability, but regular 11 x 17 copy paper will work just fine as well.

These puzzles are sized for plastic pentominoes made up of 1-inch squares.

If you don’t have a class set of plastic pentominoes, I do have a printable version of 1-inch pentominoes available to download and print. Please be aware that you MUST allow students to turn over the printed pentominoes pieces in order to solve the puzzle! This is less obvious than with the plastic pentominoes pieces.


plastic one inch pentominoes in bucket

Amazon offers several brands of plastic pentominoes which I recommend. Each brand is sold in a tub containing six sets of twelve pentominoes each for a total of 72 pentomino pieces.

Want each student to have their own set of pentominoes? I also offer a set of free printable one-inch pentominoes pieces which can be laminated or printed on cardstock for durability.

Free Download of Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzles


This file is specifically designed to be used with plastic pentominoes composed of one-inch squares. For the pentominoes to fit perfectly on the grid, this file must be printed at 100% Scale or “Actual Size.” If your printer defaults to “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages,” the pentominoes will not fit properly on the grid which can cause great frustration when trying to solve the puzzle.

If you do not have access to a set of plastic pentominoes, you can also print a set of one inch pentominoes on cardstock.

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzles (PDF) (1843 downloads)

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzles (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (874 downloads)