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Double Letters Puzzle – ABCDEHORS

I want to share a new Double Letters Puzzle with you today.

double letters puzzle

This whole potential strike business and the frustration of not knowing if I will be teaching next week or marching around the capitol building has left me extremely exhausted. As a result, my motivation to get blog posts written has almost disappeared.

This is especially sad because I’ve been trying out several new activities this week that deserve to be blogged about!

Double Letters Puzzle Doubletters

The week before Spring Break, I put my second double letters puzzle on the puzzle table. Students were sadly reluctant to try the puzzle. I think that their lack of success with the previous double letters puzzle) may have led to their lack of interest in this week’s puzzle.

The goal of this double letters puzzle is to place the nine cards in a line to form a real 10-letter word. Cards can overlap each other, but no card should be fully covered, rotated, or flipped.

Here’s an example of how the letters should be arranged. Keep in mind, the word you will be creating is MUCH longer!

If you figure out this puzzle, please don’t post any spoilers! 

These puzzles were created by Serhiy Grabarchuk. I found out while doing some googling as I wrote this post that these puzzles are actually known as “DoubLetters” puzzles.

Serhiy published another one of his DoubLetters puzzles on in February of 2012. You can download a PDF of that puzzle here.

This Double Letters Puzzle is from Puzzle Box Volume 2.

More Double Letter Puzzles by Lisa Richardson

I’m wondering if I put these puzzles on the board with magnets like Lisa Richardson (be sure to check out her blog here!) if my students might feel more inclined to try the double letter puzzles.

Puzzle Solutions

I intentionally do not make answers to the printable math puzzles I share on my blog available online because I strive to provide learning experiences for my students that are non-google-able. I would like other teachers to be able to use these puzzles in their classrooms as well without the solutions being easily found on the Internet.

However, I do recognize that us teachers are busy people and sometimes need to quickly reference an answer key to see if a student has solved a puzzle correctly or to see if they have interpreted the instructions properly.

If you are a teacher who is using these puzzles in your classroom, please send me an email at with information about what you teach and where you teach. I will be happy to forward an answer key to you.