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Linear Regression Tutorials

I used these linear regression tutorials with my Algebra 2 students several years ago, but I never ended up sharing them here on my blog. I let students choose whether they wanted to use the TI-84 or Desmos to perform their linear regression. Not all of my students have graphing calculators, so I wanted the kids with a calculator the chance to learn how to use their expensive piece of technology. Most students, whether they had a calculator or not, ended up preferring to use Desmos.

linear regression tutorials

The TI-84 linear regression tutorial was modified from a foldable that was created and shared by Shaun Carter. I reformatted it into a handout that my students could hole punch and place in their binder.

Linear Regression Tutorials - TI-84 and Desmos

I created the Desmos linear regression tutorial myself. When I shared a picture of these linear regression tutorials on twitter, someone helpfully showed me a cool Desmos feature that I didn’t know about – zoom stat.

Screenshot of Desmos Zoom Stat Feature.

This is why I love interacting with the math teacher community on twitter. There is so much to learn and share!

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