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Monday Must Reads: Volume 13

This week marks my school’s last full week of school before fall break. I’m looking forward to the chance to take a bit of a break from the daily grind of school and reflect on what is working well and what isn’t working at all.

Today, as I do almost every Monday, I’m sharing great ideas I have seen on Twitter and various math-y and science-y blogs over the past week or so. Enjoy reading about some great ideas!

Book Recommendations

@druinok shares a great list of must-read books for math teachers on her blog this week. Want proof that the list is a good one? I’ve purchased three of these books (out of five) in the past based on her recommendation!

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How Long is the Test?

Adam Cross shares a great answer to a commonly asked question that all teachers should have up their sleeve!

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2 Truths and a Lie Gallery Walk

Sally Cosgrove turned the 2 Truths and a Lie template that I shared into a gallery walk activity. LOVE it!

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National Taco Day System of Equations

Lori Gaudreau combined dry erase pockets with a fun activity for National Taco Day!

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dry erase pockets

I cannot imagine teaching math without my dry erase pockets! They instantly make any activity more engaging and save me countless hours at the copy machine since I can use the same class sets of copies year after year.

Here are my current go-to recommendations:

Tongue Rolling Data Collection

Maya Maroun shares an easy way to up the engagement in math class. Take an example from the textbook and replace it with your own data!

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Physics Review Cards

Sumiyya Iqbal shares a photo of physics equation review cards created by a student. Love the use of color with a purpose!

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Arrows for Interactive Notebooks

David Chalk shares some awesome interactive notebook ideas using arrows. Seriously, you have to click through to this tweet to watch the video!

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Density Activity

Joe Cossette has blown my mind with a creative way to measure volume displacement. This video is also worth a click through!

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Closer to 0 or 10?

Lana Pavlova poses an interesting question to her students. I wonder how my students would respond…

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Mini Poster Presentations

Jen Winne has her science students create mini poster presentations over topics. I love how the use of laminated folders and post-it notes makes this a reusable activity!

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Atomic Models with Cereal

Steph Hoover combines cereal with science to create atomic models. Fun!

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Inequalities Foldable

Mr. Fredericks took an idea from my blog and made it a million times better. I love how he has students write the inequalities BOTH ways! Stealing this idea for next year!

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Finger Grab Brain Break

Mr. Fredericks also shares a fun brain break to use in the classroom.

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Measuring Speed Activity

Jonathan Ackley gets his students measuring speed in what is possibly the most fun way ever.

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Chemistry Ceiling Decorations

David Bushdiecker inspires with his awesome room decor hanging from the ceiling!

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Number Tricks

Alex Adams turned Dan Meyer’s number tricks into an awesome notebook page.

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Slope Cheer

Jackie Stone shares a fun cheer for learning slope. Click here for the video!

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Lewis Structures with Pretzels and Candy

Destinee Johnson makes me excited to teach about Lewis structures later in the year!

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Which Expression is Bigger?

Cassandra Valenti sparks great conversation in class with an interesting exponent prompt.

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Solving Equations with Cups and Cubes

Academic Coaches shares a great way to visualize solving equations using cups and cubes.

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Flowers of Life Projects

Miss French shares the final results of a beautiful geometry project titled “Flowers of Life.”

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Centroid Construction Quiz

Teach geometry? How would your students do on Halcyon Foster‘s Pass or Fail Centroid Construction Quiz?

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Dry Erase Football

Jennifer Lastowski makes practicing solving equations fun with a game of dry erase football. Also, I love the hashtag posted above her dry erase boards!

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INB Supplies for New Students

Elissa Miller shares a great tip for those who do interactive notebooks in their classrooms. Have a bag of supplies ready for that random new student who joins your class part way through the year.

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Statistics Olympics

Ashley Sergi makes z-scores fun by hosting a statistics olympics in her classroom.

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Accuracy vs Precision

Michelle Vanhala put herself in a place of danger to illustrate the difference between accuracy and precision.

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Fair or Not Fair?

Richard Cannon demos a fun way to discuss whether a game is fair or not.

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Until next week, keep up the great sharing of ideas!

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