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Monday Must Reads: Volume 63

Well, it’s a new week, and it’s time for Monday Must Reads. The world is still an insane place. My school is meeting virtually today to start putting into place a plan to do distance learning starting next week. I still can’t wrap my mind around what this is actually going to look like.

A tiny silver lining? This extra at-home time has given me some time to start working through my backlog of Twitter “likes” that deserve to be shared in the form of Monday Must Reads. It is my hope that you find some useful ideas that you can apply now or in the future in your own classroom.

Monday Must Reads

Hope everyone is staying safe and well out there!

Radicals Task

Mr Knowles shares a lovely task involving radicals (or surds).

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Calculus Open Middle Tasks

Nolan Fossum shares some Open Middle tasks for calculus students to tackle.

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Quadratics Task

Fawn Nguyen has opened my eyes to a different way to present quadratics to students from The Madison Project.

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Classifying Quadrilaterals

Eddie Woo shares a fabulous quadrilateral classification task from Stuart Palmer.

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Proportional Reasoning with Lincoln

Andrea Wardell engages students in proportional reasoning with a poster of Abraham Lincoln.

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Desmos Sine Curves

Katie Marhefki shares some excellent student work involving real-world sine curves.

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Linear Equation Cityscape

Looking for a Desmos project involving linear equations? Look no further than Tyler Beranek‘s amazing skyline project.

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Prelabs in Science

Teaching science? Check out Allison Kipping‘s recommendation of using Google Forms for pre-labs.

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Quilted Hexagons

Jennifer Fairbanks shares some lovely photos of student work adorning her classroom door.

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Geometry and Trigonometry Handouts

David Butler shares some beautifully designed handouts for various topics including geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

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Error Reflection

Meagan White shares an idea that gets students reflecting on their work/mistakes AND reduces that amount you have to grade. I call that a WIN-WIN!

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Magnetic Chess

Joshua Schmidt shares a clever way to engage his students in the game of chess.

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Weekly Check In

Jennifer Abel shares a weekly check-in that she has students complete that was inspired by Mr. Schmidt.

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Alphabet Volume and Surface Area Project

Check out this crafty, letter-themed volume and surface area project from Rachel Blunt.

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Balloons and Calculus

Tim Chartier shares a useful calculus analogy involving balloons and series.

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Parent Teacher Conference Prep

Liz Mastalio offers a peek into how she preps for parent-teacher conferences. This checklist is brilliant!

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Who Needs Help?

When I’m next in the classroom again, I definitely want to try to implement a system for which students next need my help. I like this simple (yet brilliant) approach from Hannah Shaw.

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Angle Puzzles

These angle puzzle posters from David McConnell look like a lot of fun!

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Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!  

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Molly G.

Sunday 19th of April 2020

Now I have a lot of new Twitter accounts to follow! I especially appreciate the quadratic equation from The Madison Project.

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