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Real Number Line Project

On the fourth day of school, I assigned my college algebra students the Real Number Line Project.

real number line project

My inspiration came from Matt Coaty’s Real Number Line Project.

I even stole the name of the project.  The previous day, I had introduced the real number system.  We spent an entire class period classifying numbers as natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers.  I wanted students to synthesize this information on their own.

college algebra real number line project.

So, I modified the project I linked to above for my college algebra students.   Students were required to include so many natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers.  We had also just finished reviewing absolute value, so I had students include 3 pairs of numbers with the same absolute value.  Interestingly, this proved to be trickier for my students than I had anticipated. 

My instructions are here:

Real Number Line Project

These are the results I got:

Real Number Line Project Posters
Real Number Line Project Posters
Real Number Line Project Posters

In retrospect, I should have given my students larger pieces of paper and markers.  The number lines they produced were smaller than I had hoped, but it’s my fault not theirs.  I was looking for something to decorate my classroom with.  They were simply completing an assignment. 

This project did spark some great conversations and questions.  So, it is definitely worth doing.  I will likely tweak the instructions before doing this again to clarify exactly what I am looking for. 

Free Download of Real Number Line Project

Real Number Line Project (PDF) (1258 downloads )

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  1. I can envision a follow up activity to these personal number lines. Each student could get a sheet with a blank number line already on it so all the number lines line up when they are hung next to each other in the room. Each student is given a range for their section of the number line, so that when it's put together the whole number line is consecutive. You could then use it as an interactive review activity. For example, you could ask students to come up and locate specific numbers as you review for a test.

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  3. In the real number system, intergers can only be whole numbers that are positive and negative. It's not till you get to rationals that the fractional numbers come into play. Unless you meant a fraction that simplified into a whole number ex: 10/5

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