ZAP Review Game

Sadly, I’m finding that a lot of my go-to review games from the past six years at my old school just aren’t working for my new school. Having 30 students in a class is very different from having 10-16 students in each class. One game that has been working well this year has been ZAP. It has become one of my students’ most requested review games. Whenever one class gets to play it and another doesn’t, I definitely hear complaints.

zap review game
index cards on dry erase board for zap review game.

I love that now that I have the cards prepped, the only real prep is to find a set of questions to use as a review.

zap written on index cards for zap review game.
zap review game cards.

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  1. Hello! Do you have another post where you kind of explain how to use this? I’m interested to try it, but I’m not seeing how it’s played? Thank you!

    1. I really need to write a blog post about this. Until then, here are some blog posts I read when I was learning about the game. Every teacher plays slightly differently, but hopefully this will give you enough inspiration to make a version for your own classroom.

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